I’m a new mom, a wife, a Coach, and have been a Content Creator in many different capacities for over 15 years. My work has always been a combination of wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality and above all, vulnerably sharing my life, no matter what phase I have found myself in. You can get to know my career history better by reading below or listening, here.

I’m recently back to my creations after a very difficult fertility journey, followed by the most joyful maternity leave after the birth of my son in early 2022. After many beautiful lessons and what truly feels like a rebirth of self, my mission with my newest chapter of my work and career is simple: To follow what feels good, leave the rest —and  encourage others to do the same. As an recovering ‘hustler’ and people pleaser, the simple power of learning the word no, when it did not feel like a full body YES changed my life dramatically. The second I tuned out the noise and tuned inward, was the moment things changed for me. You can learn more about this journey and get my free FULL BODY YES meditation, here.

My online work is a combination of three of my deepest passions. The first is helping women achieve their dreams by aligning with their highest selves. I’ve been working as a Coach for over a decade, and I’d love to work with you. To find out more about my services, click here.
The next is teaching you to pause, reflect, and reconnect with your intuition and soul’s path. My group soul offerings are currently on a pause as I complete my part-time Maternity leave, but these messages are deeply embedded into all my content.
Lastly, it’s to continue to connect with my readers, listeners and community through creating blogs, podcast episodes and content that feels like a warm hug. 

Whatever brought you here, Welcome! I’m so grateful you came.

Angela McNally DeBartolo

Angela McNally DeBartolo is a Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Content Creator, Podcaster and Real Estate Developer. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and new baby.

Angela began her entrepreneurial career 15 years ago in the wellness space where sharing meal plans, healthy recipes and stories about her life, quickly turned into a massive online community, working with over 25,000 women as a nutritionist.
Overtime this shifted to blogging and content creation, where Angela connects with others by sharing things she loves and telling stories that became known for their honesty and vulnerability.

Today she is an award winning Life Coach, a content creator and is most recently following her love and passion of real estate investing. Angela co-owns DeBartolo Developments with her husband, where they primarily purchase properties to renovate and operate as short and long term rentals. 
Her deepest passion is working with women across the world as a Coach, helping others to align with the life of their dreams.

Angela is passionate about spirituality and loves to teach women  to pause, reflect, and reconnect with their intuition and soul’s path. Her upcoming podcast Soul Chats and her popular blog explore these and many other lifestyle topics deeply and with love.

Angela has appeared in many media outlets as a Lifestyle and Wellness expert such as Indie88, The Todd Shapiro Show, Better Living Television, Inside Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Shopper’s Drug Marts ‘Today’s Pharmacist’ spotlights airing on CTV, Slice and The Food Network. Angela has worked in partnership with many brands such as Tetley, Larabar, Motus Bank, Chapters Indigo, RBC, Annie’s Organic, Titika, Neo Strata many more.
You can get Angela’s full press kit by contact us here.