I’m so happy you are here.
If you’ve landed on this page it means you are ready to take your personal growth, success and life to the next level.


  • I know I am meant for more in this world, but I feel lost and don’t know where to start! I’d love someone to help me get clear and keep me accountable.
  • I want to run a business from my laptop and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Where on Earth do I begin?
  • I do run my own own business, but it’s not as profitable as I know it can be. I need systems, organization and help getting to the next level! 
  • I want to change my job, get into a relationship and manifest my dreams! How do I do that?
  • At this point in life, my friends are focused on different things than I am. I’m over here dreaming up my life goals. I feel like I have no one in my life to talk to about them. I would love to talk to someone who dreams big and believes in me!
  • I deeply desire a group of like-minded friends who have the same interests, are building their businesses too, or simply just get me!
  • I’m really committed to feeling happier, but I have no idea where to start or I often fall off course with my practices. I’d really love to work with an expert who can guide me one-on-one!
  • How do I keep making the same mistakes and repeating my old patterns? I’m ready to create a change that finally sticks!
  • Every time I get motivated, I compare myself to everyone online and think: I’m too late, I’ll never be as good or that no one will care. I really need my motivation prevail through these dark feelings!
  • I’m ready to rock my personal brand and skyrocket an online business but I need guidance. Help! 

 If you relate to any of these statements; then congratulations the universe has guided you to the right place!
All the guidance, support and direction you’re seeking is right here.

Hi! I’m Angela 

And I’ve been a coach for private clients for over a decade.  My services support you in every area of your life, from love and relationships to health, career, financial success, spirituality and more.

I’ve assisted women in starting 6-figure businesses, in landing their dream job or client, to be in the media and on TV, to launch books, blogs, to work with major brands. I’ve worked with thousands of women in achieving greater health and in building a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve also coached women on finding love, self-love, money management, spirituality, meditation, and so much more.

My own career has also been filled with some bad ass achievements as well!
I’ve worked with international brands, been on major television networks, worked with charities, been a paid speaker, written for many national publications and launched over a dozen of my own companies. 

However, my favourite job has always been working with other women to live a whole, healthy, grounded lifestyle while achieving all of their dreams.

My Coaching programs have helped thousands of women worldwide  launch aligned, profitable and successful brands in the online space.
A coach provides guidance and support so that you can experience miraculous shifts that stick.

Here is what you can expect when you sign up for

one-on-one coaching:

 For most people, there are very little safe places where we can share verbally about our biggest dreams and desires. Often when we share, we feel limited to the capacity of the person we are sharing with. Also, the conversations are typically not long or supportive enough to gain clarity.

When you work with me, our time together is a safe space for you to work through, declare and get clear.

Often before we work together clients are simply unable to be certain of their desires due to the hustle of today’s world. The demands on us leave limited time to do a deep processing of what needs to happen in order to be aligned with our life’s purpose.

My job is to listen and ask probing questions that allow you to GET CLEAR on what you want out of life or your business, and how to get it.
Also to allow you to see from a self-reflective perspective, looking at what thoughts or behaviours might be holding you back, and most importantly why this is a blockage or pattern.
Often we just need to shine a light on what is no longer serving us and it instantly allows us a fertile space to grow.

Then I will use my wizard organizational skills to help you set a plan of action and accountability to get us moving toward your goals.
Most often, by cleaning up any ‘messes’ or things we’ve been avoiding first.
Then by conquering your deepest desires – once the path is cleared.

Please note, I am held to a code of ethics. Nothing you share with me will be judged, I promise you I have been through worse and nothing phases me. Also anything you say is 100% confidential.


At this time I have two packages AVAILABLE depending on your 1:1 Coaching needs:



This package includes both 1:1 Coaching with Angela + Group Mastermind Coaching elements.
We have groups for Advanced Business Deep Dive, Accountability Coaching & Lifestyle Coaching.

This package is ideal for the client who is at any stage of building the business and life of their dreams. They need clarity, confidence, an action plan and most of all – support! 

In the first meeting 1:1 we really dig in with my signature Clarity Coaching System. In this meeting we get clear on your deepest desires, how to move towards living your calling and start by setting some clear goals for what is next for you. From there we make a solid action plan and it’s off to the races on your end. 

At this time I will assign you to the existing Mastermind Group that best aligns with your needs. I base this on where you are at in your business, what the goals we have set for you are and the one I think will push you to grow the best in our time together.

I have tried my coaching business many different ways and this is by far the most effective for all clients! Personally I am in three different Masterminds and it wasn’t until joining them that my business exploded. You will love this model.


Homework would be provided after each session to keep you on track and each call would be a review of how you are in the process towards the goals you’ve set for yourself.
In this package the calls are shorter, but more frequent.

This package is all about clarity, masterminding ideas and being held accountable to go for it! 

For full package details and rates please fill in the form below.


This program is for clients with existing businesses who are ready to get to the next level.
In this program, I’m working with you ‘hands on’ in your business.
We would actually get together for a full day of work focusing on all things for your business and brand development!

The entire time would be digging into a new or existing business or your brand and it’s potential and creating systems and structures to grow.
My main focus here is to build you systems that will keep you organized and make you money, while helping you with mindset and confidence to know – YOU GOT THIS.

Basically the entire day would be setting up goals, systems and action items to move forward with the ‘up-levelling’ of your businesses and their potential.

For full package details and rates please apply below.


Big goals broken down into small steps. Your weekly homework will get you where you want to go, and I’m here to design it – and keep you accountable!


  • Business Coaching
  • Discovering Your Deepest Desires
  • Getting Clear on Your Purpose
  • Self-Love
  • Nutrition or Health Advice
  • Meditation & Spirituality Tools
  • Affirmations
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Money Management for the Self-Employed
  • Blockage Clearing – Helping you clear what is holding you back from achieving what you are meant for!
  • Developing Business Systems 
  • Social Media Training
  • Online Systems Training
  • Writing Copy and Website Building Tips & Tools
  • Weekly Growth Exercises
  • Aligning with your True Happiness
  • Fun!


No matter how far along we are on a path of personal growth, many of us can benefit greatly from more guidance and support. Working with a coach is a powerful experience.

You can fill out the form below for more information on my current packages and/or to apply.

I’ll be in touch by email very soon!

Angela has helped me week-by-week stay on track with business goals. She’s been my cheerleader, helping me see the possibilities that were right I front of me and opening my eyes to what else is out there. Working with her makes me feel so inspired and energized after. I love how supportive she is and I truly value and appreciate her insight.  I need reminders that I don’t need to be so hard on myself and I am so grateful she can do that for me.

Rachael Hunt – Wellness Influencer, Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of GlutenFreedom Inc.

I truly can’t say enough about Angela and her coaching! She’s helped me gain confidence, get moving on new projects and I’ve even been able to quit my full-time job! I’m truly grateful to have Angela as my coach and can’t wait for what else is so come.

Becka Crowe, Blogger, Content Creator, Wellness Expert and Founder of Going Grainless 

Looking for someone to help you make sense of it all? I worked with Angela at a pretty crazy time in my life and she helped me prioritize and put things in perspective. You’ll love her as much as I do!

Michelle Jobin – TV Personality, Host & Content Creator

Angela’s knowledge and experience to get my blog off the ground was the building blocks I needed to give myself direction and strategy. Our weekly calls were so full of information and encouraging I always looked forward to them and walked away feeling like I could achieve just about anything. In addition to her business expertise she and I were able to connect on a personal level and trust and respect this girl in all aspects.

Meredith Wolf, Designer, Blogger and Founder of My Wolf Design 

Angela is a Godsend. I’m grateful for our work together and I’m so excited to re-launch my blog and website after working with her!

Julie Miguel, Former Master Chef Contestant, Blogger and Founder of Daily Tiramisu 

My sessions with Angela were more then just your basic ‘coaching’ session.  It wasn’t just about setting and attaining goals, which of course played a big role, but it was about who I was and how I was feeling throughout the process.  She is a rare type of person who understands coaching from a holistic point of you; that the whole person, mind, body and spirit, needs attention and energy.

She helped me stay accountable with weekly actionables, set meditation and affirmation practices when I was feeling stuck, and cheered me on the whole way into some pretty big milestones in my business. Under her care and guidance I created a plan to quit my day job, I launched my first e-book and expanded my brand in so many ways.
I am forever grateful for her friendship and her presence in my life. To all the strong, ambitious, passionate ladies out there… having Angela in your corner is the smartest move you can ever make on your journey to self actualization, healing and goal crushing.  Just do it.  Your future self will thank you.

Anna Gala – Life Coach & Self Empowerment Expert


What is coaching?
Coaching is a powerfully effective, ongoing and supportive process that helps you focus and fuel motivation to realize your deepest visions and goals.
The focus can be on lifestyle shifts, business success, upleveling in your career, or removing blockages that are preventing success in any area of life.

Today, many entrepreneurs hit road blocks in motivation, success, money management and confidence, just to name a few.
During this process, Angela will offer specifically tailored systems, support and provide accountability to guide you in making miraculous shifts to achieve your desires.

Her original tools and techniques are aimed primarily at using thought provoking questions to increase clarity of your purpose, tuning into awareness of your deepest desires and to releasing blockages to create forward momentum. Together, you and Angela will establish accountability for your desires and goals with follow-through structures and strategies for limitless results.

Why work with a Coach?
  • To plan a career move; to make your present job more fulfilling; to start a business
  • To restructure current business to be more lucrative
  • To grow to the next level in your online presence, media presence and personal brand
  • To launch an online business or blog that creates income
  • To structure your life based on what matters most to you; to make your life more fulfilling
  • To live in alignment with personal values
  • To begin and/or end relationships
  • To get more organized; to create balance in your life
  • To focus your energy in order to finish or plan a project
  • To increase your personal and/or professional effectiveness
  • To get motivated
  • To increase your income
  • To resolve “unfinished business,” whether personal or professional
  • To align spiritually as a foundation for your future success using meditation, manifestation and spiritual tools
  • to master your mindset and release blockages that are stopping you from living your best and most successful life

How is coaching done?
Typically, individual coaching is done in person, on the phone or via skype.

After initial 1.5 hour Power Hour Plus meeting, clients choose how often they meet with their coach: typically 2-4 times for 45 minute sessions each month.

Where can I meet Angela in person for the initial Power Hour Plus program?
Angela is currently taking new in-person clients in her home office in downtown Toronto, and on a monthly basis in Burlington, ON and New York City.

You may request your city to be added to her schedule when you fill out the application below.

What is the cost of Coaching?
Our coaching services are the most affordable in the business and we do that because we firmly believe everyone deserves an affordable personal cheerleader in achieving their dreams.

You can do 1 single session, monthly sessions, bi-weekly or weekly sessions – and we have cost effective packages that make this investment in yourself a no-brainer.

Please fill out the application to receive all rates and further info. There is no pressure to commit!

Can I talk with Angela about her coaching without having to commit to a full package?
Yes! Angela offers a complimentary 15-minute telephone conversation for prospective clients. If you think this would be useful to you, you can let us know in the application. On the call we will review what the Power Hour Plus session will look like, and what additional appointments will look like after that, should you wish to continue.

You can also ask Angela any questions at this time.

What is the difference between Coaching and therapy?
While Angela is a huge advocate for psychotherapy, coaching is not therapy.

Coaching focuses on strategic planning and personal growth; enhancing personal awareness and supporting forward movement in your life and career.
While coaching is constantly active in the realm of emotion to help release blockages and realign with your purpose – the aim of coaching is not to dig into or heal emotional trauma.

Coaching does, however, work well in tandem with therapy or other healing modalities.

One foundational component that Coaching shares with therapy is client confidentiality: Coaches agree to keep confidential any and all information that clients share in Coaching sessions.

I have another question that is not listed here.
The best way to get your questions answered is to please fill out the application form and include your question in the form.

You can also email


PLEASE NOTE: My 1:1 Coaching Programs are Currently FULL.
Please fill out the form and I will add you to the waitlist. 

When I have a spot open, I will personally be in touch!