I’ve worked as a Coach in many capacities for over 15 years. Business, Wellness, Spiritual, Life Coaching — I’ve done it all. Truly, nothing feels more fulfilling to me than to support a woman as she steps into a new level of her dream life. What I’ve realized over my many years in the business of supporting women is that it’s those that were open enough to dive into ALL areas of life with me, were the ones that saw the most incredible results. Pigeon holing work just to one area can be very energetically draining – because we are full humans having a full human experience, and the lessons that help us to grow appear in all areas of life.

My capacity is incredibly different since becoming a new mother and my new services reflect this. However on my recent path of deep healing, I have also grown so much as a human and Coach since my last offerings.
Both business owners and those who simply want more from themselves can deeply benefit from 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching work.

My unique process pulls your biggest goals and dreams out of you using my signature clarity coaching tools, while also helping you to identify and work through the triggers and blocks that may be standing in the way of you aligning with the highest and best version of yourself.

Our 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session will help you to unlock secret doors within yourself. I am there to hold you in love and accountability while you walk through portals and lean into those scary edges that have been keeping you small and stuck. Together we will expand your energetic capacity for abundance in money, relationships and ultimately meeting your deepest desires. 

The session is incredibly expansive as we hold space for and get clear on all you want out of life. From there we examine your conscious triggers and unconscious patterns and lean into those edges that help you learn, grow and integrate the deeper parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. Finally we will leave off with a clear plan on what next steps to take toward upleveling your life.

My goal as a Coach is to hold up a clean mirror so you can see yourself clearly and fully.
My job in our session is to hold space for your desires while helping you lean in with love to all that is keeping you from guiding, leading, manifesting and creating everything that you desire. 

Sessions are 90 minutes and there is ‘pre-work’ due the Friday before your session – so I can also do my preparation work to get you the most out of your session. 

Unlike traditional Coaching packages, I believe we all work and elevate at our own pace. Instead of high ticket one-size-fits-all packages, I now only offer one off 1:1 sessions that the client can sign up for on an as needed basis. I find it incredibly empowering for all parties involved to work with this way. All clients must begin with a Deep Dive. If desired, 45 minute follow up sessions are available to existing clients. This booking link will be sent to you after your session.

Spaces are very limited at this time. Please see below booking link for availability.



💗 Intake and Pre-work Package to be completed prior to session

💗 Signature Clarity Coaching Tool

💗 90 Minute Deep Dive Session with Angela McNally DeBartolo which includes tried, tested and proven Signature  Elevation Process

💗 Clearly discussed action plan for next steps toward your expansion

💗 Option for ongoing Coaching follow ups at clients own desired pace and convenience

CLICK BELOW to book your session now. Availability is extremely limited. Waitlist coming soon.