What is the girlfriends game?

Girlfriends was born over a cozy night in with a special group of gals that included wine, nostalgic 90’s music and a trip down memory lane. Have you ever seen the way someone’s face lights up when they get to revisit and tell a special memory or funny story from their past? Well, you’re about to! (and, we think it’s so magical that it inspired us to create this game!)
You can play it in a non-competitive way and use it as a table-talker at a girls night, bachelorette or weekend away. (We think the best reward is the belly laughter anyway!) Or you can rev up the competition and download our free score sheet below to declare a winner.
There are two decks of cards in each game, 52 girlfriends mild cards (white faced) and 52 girlfriends wild cards (hot pink faced). So, depending on who is attending your ladies night – you can play with just the mild deck, or mix in both to spice up the vibes!
However you play, be sure to share all the juicy, hilarious, embarrassing details in your answers. The idea is to revisit your best memories and unleash your inner storyteller!


Bachelorette parties

Ladies cocktail nights

Cozy girls nights in



Where can I buy The Girlfriends Game?

Right now you can only buy it online though this website.


Tell me about the first 2500 games being ‘collectors editions’?

We’ve created this beautiful game from scratch in our studio in Toronto, ON. It began with a sweet idea – and in a few short months we have designed, created, printed and sourced all materials on our own with no gaming company partnership.

After the first 2500 are sold we hope to grow as a company, and have partnered with a gaming manufacturer to create more of a store bought feeling to our game, instead of our current homegrown feel. We love our current version and see the beauty in both – but we feel all ladies nights deserve a copy of  ‘the girlfriends game’, and so we have to grow!

If you are one of the first 2500 purchases, you will get a certificate stating you were 1/2500 originals. Thanks so much for your support!


Your website says you’re SOLD OUT. When will it be available again?

We are selling the first 2500 games in two increments of 500 units. If this run of 500 are gone, we will be announcing the second sale date soon. 

Where do you ship to?

At this time we only ship to Canada and the US. If you’re in another country and would love a copy, let us know.

Is shipping extra?

Yes, we are a small start up so in order to keep the game affordable, we will need to charge shipping as well. This will be calculated for you at checkout.

Is there wholesale pricing? Can I sell this in my store?

We’re working on offering wholesale pricing to sell to friendly stores very soon. Let us know you are interested in working with us by emailing us at info@angelamcnally.com or in the form on this page.

Can I return the game?

If you contact us within 7 days of shipment arrival and let us know exactly what the issue is, sure! You’ll need to ship it back and then we will refund you.



We’d love to hear from you!
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