EP 009 – Embracing Small ‘Feel Good’ Shifts to Change Your Life

Welcome back to Soul Chats!

The day after I launched Season two was the Scorpio lunar eclipse. That one was a DOOZY. For me it pulled me into many things personally, emotionally – and was asking me to be really present. When I really sat with the after effects of it all, it made me reflect on how deeply I am feeling at my capacity right now.

Motherhood, personal relationships,health, a new property as a business and this podcast – literally just to name a few things that are on my plate.

It made me realize I really need to slow down and refocus my engery on the small things that make me feel good – which I know ultimately always cause the biggest and best shifts in my life.

Today’s epiode we explore what actually makes us feel good and questions like, when is the last time you sat down and really thought about the little things in life that actually make you feel so damn good?

We chat about pruifying the way we make shifts in our lives to be less intense and more flowy and feel good.

I’m so glad you are here, let’s chat!

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