BIZ TIP: Abundance Is Always Available

I’ve been really unsure of sharing about my own experience in business, as well as the experience of my clients because I whole heartedly understand that not everyone has a business that can be operational at this time. I never want to be triggering or encourage comparison.

However, I work with twelve women in my 1:1 Coaching practice, and all of their businesses are still thriving. My business also has been abundant during a time where so many need Coaching and support.

So in an attempt to shed some hope, light, motivation and positivity – I want to share with you the three things I’ve been focusing on most with my clients and in my own business.


1. Adapt and Pivot.
This has been a HUGE one. Most of my clients are online service based businesses. So we’ve been focusing a lot on lower ticket items such as one off 1:1 Coaching sessions, workshops, group coaching, programs and courses under $200.
One of my clients put her signature online course on sale for 50% off and made five-figures in a week from it.
People want to invest in lower ticket items that solve a specific issue. Tap into a direct pain point and sell the solution at a discounted rate. We’ve seen lots of success with this model over the last month.


2. High Ticket Sales, but with Care.
High ticket items can still thrive if you are tapping into a need from a place of alignment! One of my clients sells custom websites and hit her sales goal for the month in a day because she is genuinely so excited about getting people online during their downtime. Branding is her passion and it shows in every piece of content she shares. If she was only after the money, people would smell it from a mile away and she would not be having the same success.
My advice is to slightly discount by coming out with a ‘Stay Home Special’, also to come up with payment plans where people can pay off over a longer period of time, and lastly have grace with people. This is the time to loosen your exit or ‘pausing’ policies. Let clients know that if their situation changes, it’s easier to get out of the program or service if need be. But at the same time refund policies are crucial right now. We do not refund for work already completed, but are open to accepting the remainder of the payment later or pausing the project for a few months if need be.


3. Aligned, Not Forced.

So this is the biggest one. Guys people can smell a pushy sales pitch from a mile away. Always, but especially in this time it’s a major turn off and can negatively affect your brand well beyond this moment in time.
The truth is, it might take a few weeks to realign during this new rhythm we’ve found ourselves in. We have things to figure out, we have emotions to process, we have people to care for.
My BIGGEST advice from my own life and this time with my clients is to anchor into what is aligned for you to be sharing right now. What does Spirit/God/Universe want you to be sharing right now? How are you meant to serve and impact in these times vs. where are you meant to sit in stillness?

My clients and myself have been starting each day in meditation followed by journalling or channelling this question “What would you have me do?” 
Tuning into what is right for YOU and your business is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.