Feeling & Healing (+ Journal Therapy Exercise)

Earlier this week I posted this tweet, but let’s talk about what this ACTUALLY means.

Wounds resurfacing to be healed isn’t this angelic lovely spiritual feeling experience.
They are typically brought up through human interaction.
Such as a friend posting something online that triggers you and makes your stomach drop. Or your parent saying something that really grinds your gears. Or fighting with your partner for a seemingly insignificant reason.
So often, the thing we are upset about in the moment is about something else.
A old wound or trauma, feeling unseen or unloved or your own insecurities and fears.
The person triggering you is the vessel to lead you to do the inner work.

And that’s what is happening everyday for all of us right now. Just like the planet is taking a break to heal, so are our souls.
When we go through a difficult or traumatic experience — we often push our feelings down or mask them with booze, food, drugs, sex, shopping: pick your poison.
But what many don’t know is that when we do this, the emotional energy is dense and dark and gets stuck in our bodies. If we don’t heal, it ultimately causes disease, discomfort, anger, anxiety and more

BUT the only way to heal it, is to fully feel it. And choosing to sit with negative feelings is hard work. When you lean in and let the light in, it can be very painful at first. We are all taught to believe that we are only meant to feel the good feelings — but we were actually meant to feel them ALL!

And when you do, a miraculous shift happens. You become lighter, more aligned, less easily triggered by others or by fear, less anxious and more calm. This is healing!

There are a lot of people saying “Now is the time!” (To buy into_____ here). But I think now is the time to LEAN IN and heal deeply. That’s it.

Next time you feel triggered by someone, take 5 deep breaths then ask yourself “is this really about them? What fear or past hurt is this bringing up in me?” Then keep breathing and allow the answers to reveal themselves.
Feel free to journal (I uncluded my fav journal exercise to help you release feelings below) or speak to someone loving who can hold space for this exploration.
Lean in, feel all your emotions, let it out, BE FREE!
I hope this helps you.
I love you! ❤️



We are calling in lots of growth and change right now. Although it’s a difficult time, having the space to do this is wonderful. However any big change in action, comes with big emotions. Emotions are energy in motion. So you can’t make a big change (even if it’s for your highest good) without feeling big feelings.

Feelings typically manifest in being angry with or hurt by another person, situation or circumstance. This is NORMAL & SAFE. However, we all need an outlet.
If you don’t feel your feelings and get them out, they stay in your body as stuck, stagnant energy.

So if you don’t have someone safe to share with like a therapist, or you just need to get it out now, my favourite thing to do is journal.

Here is what I do:


1. Get a notebook and pen.
2. Go to a quiet room, light a candle if you wish.
3. Focus on your breathing for 2-5 minutes. 3 seconds in, hold for 1, 3 seconds out.
4. If you feel anxiety or your mind is racing, good!
5. Now let it all out into the journal. Don’t hold back. Every thought, swear word, feeling – should be scribbled on to the page. Don’t worry if it’s not legible, it’s about the release.
6. Don’t judge yourself if you cry, need to punch a pillow or have heavy feelings. Feelings need to move through you to be released.
7. Once you feel complete, return to the same breathing pattern for 2-5 minutes. Notice how much lighter you feel.
8. Put the journal in a safe place where no one will see it.
9. Have a lighter, happier day!