This Is The Hardest Coaching I’ve Ever Done

How are you feeling my friend?

We are in an extremely unprecedented time right now.
And contrary to the online noise of “Now is the time!!!” –  I personally do not agree.
I believe there is no right way to DO, BE or FEEL right now.

As many of you know I do Business and Life Coaching for a living. Even amongst this chaos my practice is thriving. And I won’t lie: It’s the most difficult Coaching I’ve ever done.
Why? Because I am holding space for my clients exactly where they are. Not putting a system or a plan on it. Just BE-ing with them in their dreams, fears, goals, pivots and most importantly, emotions.

We are all going to feel called to navigate life and business differently. Some of you will feel aligned to take action from stillness. Typically this is something that’s been brewing in you for a while. Something you’ve been putting off because you were too busy. So it’s BEEN a knowing.
Some of you (like me) will feel called to more stillness, less doing, more being and navigating big emotions.

There is no RIGHT way to be in this moment.

One of my biggest lessons through this isolation is to put my ego aside (the ‘do-er’, the biz coach, the problem solver) and realize the best thing I can do for my clients is meet them where they are.
Some are still. Some are in aligned action. Some are pivoting in a big way.

What I’ve learned is, I can’t ‘fix’ this for anyone. And that’s hard for me as a Coach.
But in order to be effective right now, I need to just BE with my clients and allow them a safe place for them to explore exactly where they are. Meet them there will love. Make suggestions if needed.

Because, it’s not about systems or funnels or skills. It’s not about problem solving or advice.

It’s about leaning into each persons unique experience with them.
And telling my ego – that’s enough.

Actually. More than enough. AND SO ARE YOU. 💕