Did you know that it took me over a decade of entrepreneurship to finally figure out my true calling?
Yes, 10 years of failure, hardship, ups and downs, frustration, excitement, and more failure. Basically my life felt like running full speed at a brick wall for about a decade. The thing is though, I always got back up. Always.
The running part (aka the building, the creativity, the planning, the launching) was amazing and taught me so much.
The brick wall was never fun. But, it’s because my soul had a calling (we all do!) and I needed to be stopped in my tracks to be redirected.

Ultimately the brick wall that changed my life and finally pointed me in the right direction, had nothing to do with business. My deep depression after many back to back miscarriages in 2017 forced me to ask myself what I truly wanted out of life, what brought me the most joy and how I loved being of service to others if money was no object. I was already doing Coaching privately and of course through my writing and speaking teachings. Finally, I got up to run again and the brick wall was gone.
You can hear my full story about my wild life and how I aligned with my Coaching career on Episode 002 of the Just Like You Podcast. Click here to listen.

The thing is, deep down I think I always knew that Coaching was my calling. Finally stepping into my power and calling is one of my life’s greatest joys to date. It’s funny how something I had resistance to for so long, ended up being my calling and passion. Can you relate though? I bet you can. It seems like we all have a bit of resistance to our calling. Funny how that works!
When clients fill out the intake form to work with me, 90% of the time they already have a dream deep down in their core. Even if it is unclear, faint and feels far away – it’s there. And together we work on it becoming crystal clear, followed by setting goals to step into action. Here is what I know for sure: If you want more for yourself in your life (and I believe we all do!) then I encourage you to start right now! Today! Don’t wait!
This doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge life-altering change, either.
Starting small and simple worked for me. All my small actions led to an abundant career I love.
But it wasn’t like I just woke up one day and said ‘I want to be a Business-Coach-Lifestyle Expert-Writer-Speaker-Spiritual Teacher!’ haha.
How could I have? Over the years I’ve done many things and they all were just born from listening to my intuition, followed by small consistent action. I’m 100% sure you are able to do the same. Put less pressure on yourself –  and become more trusting in the ‘flow’ of life! Here’s how to step into your greatness.
(Hint: Simply do what feels good!)

How To Do What You Love!


Start Today and Get Online Now

I can’t stress this enough! Now is the time. We are living in such a cool time where we can do anything we want from anywhere in the world. I firmly believe that everyone will have a website in order to work in their field of choice in the future.
Meaning this: You know how it’s weird now if you show up to an interview with no resume?
I think in the (very near) future, it will be weird if you don’t have a website and online presence. In my field, it already is!
So whatever you are doing, start right now and if it applies – share it online now, too! Any business I am currently partnered with (through any avenue of my business) is because they found me online and wanted to work with me. Your online brand matters, big time! So start now and start sharing with the world.

write it down

Getting very clear about your goal and what you want to achieve is so important. If you want to start a blog for example – get clear on what it will be about, how many you will publish a month, how you will share it to gain followers, etc. The more clear you are, the better results you can achieve in any goal. It may change and morph as you grow as person (story of my life!), but starting with a clear vision helps you set it into action. So get a dream journal and start writing those desires down!

stop wasting your energy

For me personally, this was the BIGGEST change I needed to make in order to step into my own greatness.
If you want to do great things, it requires a lot of ‘you’ time. And I don’t mean the sitting on the couch binging Netflix kind of  ‘alone’. I mean getting focused on yourself, your goals and using your energy to create habits that support those dreams!
Following your dreams takes work. You try and fail and get up again (a lot). You redirect and rethink a lot, too. You have so much greatness inside of you that is just dying to escape and be shared with the world – but it takes stillness to get it out of you!

Personally, I’m a bleeding heart. In the past I’ve felt as though being a ‘good friend’ meant being the loading dock for others issues and drama. To be honest, I really and truly thought I would have no friends if I wasn’t available to be a full-time friend counsellor to help everyone with their issues. Turns out, that wasn’t the case!! The friends who love the drama have found other people to feed the drama with. And the best part is it’s made me a lot closer with my friends who are also chasing goals and dreams. They are cheering me on from their own lane. They are achieving their own greatness, and I’m achieving mine. We do our own thing and get that we each need our own time and space to do it. This simple energy re-direct has made me so happy and like universal magic, has also directed so many opportunities my way that I would have missed if I was still stuck in the drama trenches. I have 100% more time to focus on what I love and what I want to do on this planet because I made this switch. I highly encourage to you examine where you spend your energy, too!

surround yourself with high vibes

Continuing on from the last point, but high vibe choices need a category of their own!
Joining a mastermind hands down was one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for myself. I made some of my best friends this way. Not in business? No worries! Ultimately, it’s about connection. So join an art class or a mom’s group or take up a sport. The power of having things in common and feeling understood is a gift in friendship I think most of us overlook too often.

High vibes can also come from media that lifts me up (audiobooks, podcasts, etc.), or happy and uplifting TV or music, or even how tidy and organized my space is. If we want a life we love, doing what we love – we need to be conscious of our actions and who we spend time with, what we eat, what we listen to, how we learn and how we clean and cleanse our spaces. Living life by being very aware of what feels good and what doesn’t, creates a beautiful foundation for building a life and doing what you love!

I hope these simple tips on doing what you love help guide you to living a little more on purpose. To be honest, I felt called to write this because of the dramatic change in my own happiness by making these simple changes. I’d love to hear how they work out for you, too!

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