How We Set Monthly Goals as a Couple

Yesterday was my husband Anthony and I’s first life and business brainstorm meeting of 2020.
Since our early days together (about 8 years ago), we’ve always made time to sit down and set goals together.
At first, it wasn’t as consistently. But today as two full time entrepreneurs – it’s monthly, it’s a non-negotiable and it’s one of my favourite days of the month.

The truth is that even though I’ve always been the instigator of these meetings in our relationship, they weren’t always fun.
There were times that I would feel a lot of shame around these meetings when times were tough in business or I felt lost and off track and had no idea what was next.
But, communication and clarity around money, income, goals and what you truly want out of life is so important.
Everyone has tough times, times where they feel lost, times where they feel shame. And it can feel really uncomfortable to commit to a monthly practice of examining yourself so closely when you don’t feel great.
Owning it all yourself is most important. Then taking control and making a plan to do better and feel better is the way out of the smoke. You can do similar monthly meetings by yourself, with a partner, you can hire a Coach, you can share with a trusted friend. Whatever feels right and keeps you accountable.


I get asked really often how we set goals and what these monthly meetings look like. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We did a episode on our podcast, on exactly how we set goals, it’s episode 008 on the Just Like You Podcast.
But for those that want the cliff’s notes on what these dates look like, here’s the gist.

Once a month we sit down and go over:

  • Household finances.
  • Our investments and investment property sales.
  • Our own individual business monthly sales.
  • We review all that needs to get done for the podcast, the houses, our health/fertility journey and wherever else we need clarity or need to assign jobs.

We discuss new projects and goals and intentions for the year.
It’s always my favourite day of the month.

Yesterday we discussed:

  • Anthony’s brand and website.
  • Podcast – upcoming episodes, objectives and guests.
  • Our Cottage Sales and goals for the year (ps – we are almost sold out for summer! If you want one of the last weeks, click here)
  • The next steps with my own personal brand.


Here’s the thing: this may seem out of reach for many of you. As I mentioned above, it did for me in the beginning, too!
I often felt uncomfortable declaring my dreams while simultaneously discussing debt.
But what it’s now taught me is that commitment to consistently visiting your dreams is exactly what gets you there.
Consistency and love and care to your finances is what helps them grow.
It’s all about approaching the good and the bad with love and understanding and a safe place to share it ALL!!

Do you have a non-negotiable habit that keeps you on track in your finances, goals and life?
Or do you feel totally lost or off track in this department? (FYI, this is normal).

If the latter is the case, let us help you and let’s set goals together — each and every month in 2020.
Yes I am serious!!

Want to learn more?
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