The Exact Journalling Process I Do Daily

TRUTH: When I started journalling every single day, my life changed dramatically for the better.
I kid you not. I became more self-aware, more grateful, more loving, had better boundaries, was more focused and my business and abundance took off, and so much more.

I started simply with gratitude journalling. If you only take one suggestion from this blog, please do this.
Because the Universe only knows energy. When you are in the energy of gratitude, you become a magnet for more. It’s truly miraculous the shifts you can physically see and feel simply from being thankful for what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don’t.
I later added self love journalling, and future self journalling. Both of which helped me to accept myself on a deeper level and manifest incredible dreams into reality.
In the last year or so I’ve added ‘channelling’ or journalling in a meditative state. I get the best downloads when I do this!
The whole process of my morning routine takes no more than 5-30 minutes. Depending on my day, I give to it what I can. But it’s a non-negotiable and I haven’t missed a day in years.


Below I am sharing with you the journal prompts are the ones I’ve done each morning for the last several years.
Use these as a daily tool to help you keep your dreams and goals top of mind and in focus.
By starting every day by setting your intentions you’ll be shocked at how much quicker you make traction on personal and professional goals.


The Journal Process I Do Daily

1. Make a commitment. Don’t miss a day. Show up for yourself. It’s a small 5 minute act of self-love that I promise you will change your life for the better. I do mine every morning when I wake up, first thing to set my vibe high. You can do what works for you. 

2. Start by writing 5-10 things you are grateful for.

3. Next, write 5 things you love about yourself. Really push the boundaries here. Even if writing ‘I love my body’ feels uncomfortable, keep doing it every day.

4. End with I am statements. Dream BIG!
‘I am a mother’.
‘I am a NYT best selling author’.
‘I am a home owner’ etc.
Get as specific as you like! I usually use a whole page for this one. It’s my fav part!

5. *Optional:
This one can be added if you do meditation or breath work in the morning. I like to get into a meditative state, complete my meditition and then just free write in my journal.
I do not use my mind for this, I simply allow whatever comes on to the page to flow freely. The ideas, insights and downloads I get in this process are incredible. Some days are more difficult to get into a meditative state than others. This is Okay. I would say I do this about once a week and whenever I do, it was because a message needed to flow through me. Give it a try if this resonates!!


And guess what?

Your little act of showing up for yourself is done! Your vibe is high and Universe is listening. ❤️
Have a beautiful week. Love you!