The Fertility Episode

Two weeks ago, I barely slept. I had insomnia, and anxiety and was in a panic for a full week.
Why? Because my husband and I finally recorded The Fertility Episode for our podcast.

The thing is, I am in a great place with our journey right now and feeling very strong.
So I was surprised at how emotional I felt while recording the episode and what a vulnerability hangover it was after sharing.
To be honest, I have no idea what exactly I was scared of.
But before the episode was released to the public, I almost deleted it about 400 times.
I’m so glad I did not. 

The episode not only hit the top carts on iTunes, but the outreach was overwhelming in the best way.
Thousands of listeners, hundreds of emails, messages and an incredible abundance of love.
Yes, it made my sleepless week worth it.

At the end of the day, the number one reason we chose to share our story is to fight the stigma, shame and suffering around infertility and mental health.
Infertility is nothing to me ashamed of. Mental health issues are something every single person on the planet with struggles with at some point in our lives.
So why are we hiding instead of connecting?

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This journey has not been an easy road, many people live through the shame, pain and stigma of infertility in silence.
So if our message has helped just one person reach out for help, share truthfully or connect more deeply with those they love. That makes this all worth it.
We will never stop being thankful that we get to turn our pain into connecting with all of you.
What a gift!!