Self Development Books That Have Changed My Life

I love to learn. Really and truly. I’m almost always listening to a book or podcast, signing up for an online course or tuning into a free webinar teaching a skill I’d like to learn.
Connecting to and strengthening my spiritual side is also really important to me. When I read or listen to authors who share spiritual practices – my soul feels happy.

Confession: I would say I listen to books 90% of the time, and read only 10% of the time. I know that’s not great. But it’s definitely how I am able to devour so many great books.
Typically, if a book a self-development or spiritual I love to listen to it on the Audible App. If it’s a fiction or story novel I love to read it. But honestly, I really don’t make the time to read novels as much as I should.

Listening to audio books is truly my favourite pastime. If you are an Amazon Prime member you get your first 3 books free on Audible!  I really love this app. You can get that deal, here.

Yesterday I was looking through my app and was noticing how many amazing books I’ve listened to and how much so many of them have changed my life, perspective and drive. I’m so grateful for these beautiful books and their authors that I’ve decided to share my favourites with you.
Below you can read about the books that have truly changed my life and why.
Happy reading (listening!) friends ??


books that have changed my life


You Can heal your life – Louise L. Hay

This book is amazing for beginners looking to change their lives and mindset, but also – an amazing reminder for all of us. I re-listen to this book every 6 months and each time I take something new from it. I think that certain lessons speak more to you, depending on what stage of life you are at.

Louise was the master of changing your thoughts to change your life. It’s a really great listen and at the end she shares a bit about her story which I find very inspiring. For those of us that have had crazy, hard lives – Louise’s story shows us all you are never too old to start, and anything can happen when you align yourself with positive thoughts and actions.

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A Return To Love – Marianne Williamson

This book is a compliment to another book that totally changed my life – A Course in Miracles. In a nutshell: Miracles start to happen when we resolve to depend fully on something bigger and decide to love ourselves.
It’s told through the eyes and story of the author Marianne Williamson in her twenties, and how these teachings helped her realign to love, her purpose and so much more.
Really, a must read! Especially if you are a seeker of spirituality, love and healing.

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The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Signer

My mom says when she has a bad day she just puts this book on and it brings her back to peace.
It’s that powerful. Such a treasure. It’s also what made me go get my Meditation Teacher Certification.
Michael A. Signer’s story is grounding, hopeful and inspiring.
Honestly you will net regret reading this book. It’s a story but the lessons will touch you and inspire you deeply.

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The Law of Attraction – Abraham Hicks

Truth: this book totally weirded me out the first time I tired to listen to it. The premise is that the woman is a medium who channels a group of people ‘on the other side’ who are sharing insights and guidance on life on this planet.
I’m totally a believer in mediums and that there is more beyond life here on Earth. But for some reason I felt closed to it at first.
But, I can honestly say once I let go of my resistance, this book changed my life! This book actually changed my life more than all the others listed here. BY FAR!

When I finally gave this book the shot it deserved I was in a super dark place. A series of bad things had happened in my life and I found myself unable to be happy. I was sitting in the negative and expecting it.

Listening to the simple principles of Abraham Hicks, I was able to change my vibration. First I simply started feeling happier. I was able to focus on the good more and what pained me less. Then that gave me the strength to make some major changes, cut out people who were energy vampires and just focus on myself. Then like magic, feeling good and focusing on good – attracted so much good!

Honestly, if you are in a bad spin – don’t wait. Get this book now. Listen to it again and again. It really did change my life in that moment, and forever.

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 Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

This book provides you with all kinds of inspiration. It also takes the pressure off creating and just shows you why you just need to start now. Which I’m a huge believer in – Create now and see where it takes you later!
This book will inspire you, lift you and up and entertain you.
Fellow creatives, listen now and enjoy!

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Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes

Can anything Shonda does be wrong? I don’t think so!
This woman is my literary God. She is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal and so many more.
This book is a story of saying YES to every opportunity.
It’s so easy to hide and remain unseen in this world. But we are all here for a reason. If you need motivation to show up and step up – this book is amazing. And so is Shonda. You will love her!

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Your Energetic Boundaries – Cyndi Dale

My therapist actually recommended this book to me. And wow!
I’m an empath, very sensitive by nature and energy vampires (draining people) have always been attracted to my light. And I’ve allowed it.

This book taught me all the ways I give my energy to others and how I can stop it. It taught me how to protect my energy, how to set boundaries – but most of all made me feel like I’m not crazy!
If you are a sensitive soul, empath, psychic or just feel like you’re constantly around people who suck the life out of you – this book is for you!

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Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

So this was actually the very first ‘self-help’ book I ever read. I was 22 and it was right before I started my first business.
To be honest, I just used my Audible app right now to re-download it because that means it’s been over a decade since reading it.
But I do remember it completely changing the way I thought about money. Also it gives really great tips on investing in properties which is how the author made his fortune.
Basically – this book was my ‘gateway drug’ into self development. I’m going to give it another read, and you should too!

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What are you favourite spirituality or self-help books? I’d love your suggestions in the comments below! 
Happy reading, friends! ?