How To Kick a Cold in 48 Hours or Less

If you read my blog or follow me on social media regularly, you’ll know I got hit with my first cold in over 5 years a couple weeks back before I went on vacation – and man, am I glad that’s over!

When I got hit with the bug, it was the same week as my best friends wedding in which I was the Maid of Honour, and a few day’s following that, I would be leaving on a 13 hour flight to Hawaii. Needless to say I was determined to get better ASAP.

There is what doctors are calling a ‘super cold virus’ going around this year. Basically the symptoms are that you think you are better, and then WHAMO, it’s gets you even worse. This 100% happened to me. I thought I was over it within one day, pushed my self too much – and then it ended up taking me out for another 48 hours. And by out, I mean bed-ridden.
But, I got on top of my healing regime and I was completely cleared once I honoured my body, let it run it’s course and did exactly what I’ve listed below.

If you do get hit with a bug, here is exactly what I did for full recovery just on time for all the excitement:

Cancel Life for 48 Hours

I know, I know! Work, kids, meetings, busy, busy, busy. How can you cancel? Well if you are in pain, fevering and contagious you’re a help to no one. When we get sick it’s also our body telling us we are run down and need a break. I tried to avoid this step and it really made things worse.
Remember when you were a kid and got a sick day and it was the best? Well, you’re about to get two! Sleep, Netflix series, reading books, relaxing. You need to let your body rest in order to heal.
Rest is key!

Load Up on Vitamins

Vitamin C, Probiotics, Echinacea, Multi-vitamins, Fish Oils – get all the classic goodness in your body. It needs it.
(Note:You can click all the words above to see the brands I use and love.)

Mind and Body Connection: Take A review

Anyone who follows me closely knows I’m a huge propionate of nothing being by accident or just because it’s ‘going around.’
It is not a coincidence when you get sick with a cold. The common cold is linked to a conflict in our life, a situation of overwhelm or stress. Your mind might literally be speaking through your body by saying “This situation stinks! I’ve had enough!” A cold can tell us that we are stressed out and need time off, or it can be connected to emotional issues.
For me, this was absolutely the case. I was overwhelmed and dealing with way too much at once. My body finally caught up with my emotions and demanded time to slow down and reflect.

In the book (my bible!) You can Heal You Life, Louise Hay points out that upper respiratory illnesses are related to “too much going on at once, mental confusion, disorder, small hurts”. Sinus problems are an “irritation to one person, someone close”. A sore throat can be connected to “Holding in angry words, feeling unable to express the self” and lastly a fever can connected to “Anger. Burning up.”
If this interests you I really recommend the teaching of Louise Hay. Her book can be purchased here. I have it on audible and listen to it twice a year. It is such a great way to change your mindset.

Get the Book Here
Get the Audible Here (first book is free!)

You can also use these healing affirmations, like I did:

I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and around me.
I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways.
All I desire is on the way.
I am healthy.
My body is miraculous at healing itself.
I am loved.

Water & Tea – but Avoid Caffeine

You need to flush it out of your system. Water and herbal tea on repeat!!
Coffee and caffeinated drinks dehydrate your further so steer clear until you’re feeling back to your old self.

This lemon ginger tea is my fav!

Avoid Advil if Possible

Sometimes, you just need to let the fever run it’s course. Typically, the fever is heating up the body with the intent of burning off the illness. Heating up to lets you burn it off, sweat it out and get it out.
Going drug free and letting my fever run it’s course sped tings along in my case.

*Note: I am not a doctor. Please consult your physician on what is best for your cold/flu.

Hit the Sauna or steam room

If your gym or condo building has a steam room or sauna, venture from the bed and get in a sweat.
If you don’t have access to one, a hot bath or shower will also do the trick.
Sweating it out is so needed. Also if you feel freezing like I did – this warms you up just right!

Eat comforting and warming foods

Tea and soups all day long. Try my Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe – it saved my soul when I was sick!


Sending you all the healing vibes! Feel better, friend.