Nerd Out: What I Actually Do With My Time These Days

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One of my best friends loves being around people. She recently told me she scored 100% on an extrovert test. If she had the choice she would have a planned hang out every night of the week and be surrounded by those she loves or her clients all of the time.
For me, just typing that gives me anxiety. (ha!)

Although in my younger years this was the way I operated, I’ve slowly become more of an introvert or very protective of my time. Don’t get me wrong, my personality is still naturally outgoing and bubbly when in a social scene – I love a good time with great people! I just prefer the majority of my time to be spent alone. It physically hurts me to be over-committed.
It’s been an adjustment for us – but just like in all best-friendships that grow and change, we’ve figured it out!

Recently she (and many others) will ask; “So, what have you been up to?”
They all have stories filled with social hangouts or new relationship details or whatever has been filling up their time.
For me, I’m always answering:
“I’m not sure! I’m kind of boring these days. Love being a wife, working a lot, I’m good!”

To be honest, I started to get insecure about this answer because I genuinely had nothing to report that felt worth sharing without sounding like a total nerd. But here is the thing, I am the happiest I’ve ever been and I really like my life this way.
I never feel bored or lonely, in fact I feel my days are quite full.

These realizations forced me to take an inventory of my time and my actions and what I am spending the majority of my spare time on:  I’m addicted to learning. 
Taking a closer look at my daily activities revealed that my waking hours while not working on my business (and sometimes for work!) are mostly spent researching, listening, reading, googling and absorbing all the information I can. It’s become such a natural part of my day, that I didn’t even realize it.

If you are a fellow lover of learning, part-time (or full-time) introvert, and want some amazing (and mostly free!) ways to dive in to your personal growth. I’ve got you covered!

I’ve created a list for you on how I nerd out on the daily:

I’m new to the podcast world as of a few months ago. But I’m officially obsessed. There is so much amazing and free content out there that can keep you listening and learning for years to come.

My Favourites are:
Lewis Howes – The School of Greatness
Chris Harder – For the Love of Money
Unshakeable – Tony Robbins
Ted Talks Audio
Seth Godin – Start Up School
Dr. Drew – The Dr. Drew Podcast

I have a passion for the tech space, self-help, success motivation, financial planning education and the psychology of addiction. If these don’t float your boat, there are limitless other podcasts in plenty of other categories.
If you are an iPhone or iPad user, click the icon (shown above) and look around.
If you aren’t, google the above list and each respective websites will guide you to how you can start listening from your own device.


Guys! I can’t decide if I’m the last person on earth to know about this, or the first?
Sorry to non-Apple users for this one. But if I didn’t already love my Apple products before – I’m now at 100% fan girl status.
The app that has me swooning? iTunesU (icon shown above) and it already comes loaded on your Apple device!

What you may not know is that it gives you access to the world’s largest online catalog of free education content from leading institutions. You can view lectures and videos, read textbooks, and access course materials from a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
Seriously! You can take university level courses on anything and it’s free on your phone. It’s already there waiting for you. A world of information for free. The content is amazing and it’s just like being in a real lecture hall. Plus it’s not like real school where you have to take a bunch of classes you don’t like and stress you out in order to take the good ones. Just learn what you love!

I’m currently taking Yale’s Psychology 101. Yup. Just causally taking a Yale course in my free time. (NBD).
Plus you can save courses to your own course page and take them whenever you want. So just browse, save and learn when you have the time or the itch! / Audible App / Books

This one does cost money, but I’ve been an Audible addict for quite some time now and can’t recommend it enough. A couple of years ago, I was beating myself up because I wasn’t taking the time to read physical books as much as I used to. I decided to give Audible a go, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
It’s so easy to take in the info, bookmark parts you want to re-listen to later and you can take in information so much faster than traditional reading. (If that is what works for you!)

For me the reason why I love books and audiobooks and will always think it’s worth investing money in is this:
Someone is spending years of their life learning about, researching, living and becoming an expert in whatever their book is about. Literally spending years to gather and share knowledge.
As a consumer, we get to know all of that knowledge in a few hours of listening or reading.
Isn’t it so amazing when you think of it that way?

Here is some of what’s on my audible playlist:
(Note: Maybe I’ll do a book review blog in the coming weeks. These ones are ALL worth a read/listen though!)

Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich
Debbie Ford – Dark Side of the Light Chasers
Glennon Doyle Melton – Love Warrior
Gabby Bernstein – The Universe Has Your Back
T. Harv Ecker – The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind
Louise L. Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
Shonda Rhimes – Year of Yes
Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic
Michael A. Singer – The Untethered Soul
Brene Brown – Rising Strong
Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich
Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled

Free Webinars & Free Content

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is littered full of free ways to learn.
With all free content, some is garbage and ego driven. Much of it is ‘pretty good’ and teaches you something you didn’t know before. But some of it is just incredible!

Keep in mind most free content will have a sales-type pitch in it, or for the more simple stuff they just want to build their list so you will be added to a mailing list. But if you’re cool with that (I am!) – the free content out there is limitless.

Some of my favourites are Marie ForleoGabrielle Bernstein and Doreen Virtue. Add yourself to these mailing lists or give them a follow to keep watch for their great free content.

But honestly, there are new awesome entrepreneurs rising and doing their thing daily. If someone is hosting a webinar or giving out a free e-book on a topic you’re interested in – what do you have to lose?! You may just discover someone amazing who has already become a master in what you want to learn. They might get your business, and you get free content in the meantime.

PS- Did you know I give a free e-book each month? Check out my Free Gifts page for this months little nugget of knowledge!

SKILLSHARE – Online Classes

This website is the best for learning anything and everything. From pattern making, learning all the functions on your DSLR camera, coding a website, setting up professional lighting in a home studio, fictional writing, personal branding and more. They have over 15,000 courses ready for you to take!

Your first month is free and then it’s $10 a month or $1 a course after that. (So, basically free!)
The quality of the courses is excellent and really easy to follow. Literally anything in business, design, tech or creative spaces that you’ve been wishing you could learn – now you can!

Head on over and take a peak and start your free one month trial now.
Now do you understand why I have zero life these days? The internet is truly a beautiful thing. Happy growing, learning and exploring, my fellow nerds!

PS – Do you have any favourite tools that you use to learn and grow that I missed on this list? Did you try one of these and absolutely love it? Let me know in the comments below!