Full Moon healing

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Well that was a doozy! Anyone else feel the deep intensity of this past weekends Full Moon in Virgo?
Some moon cycles have stronger effects on us than others do – and this one left me feeling sleepless, emotional and crazy. But here’s the thing: I’m glad it did.

The moon is one of life’s greatest teachers. Shining ‘moonlight’ on where you need to clean up your life. If you take a minute to reflect on the things that triggered you this past week, you’ll likely see highlighted exactly the areas of your life you need to heal.

Virgo is the sign of perfection, discipline, logic & purity. So I recommend starting there. Look at those four words and see if you felt pain in relation to those areas, it’s a great start at least. This is what I did in my reflections this morning, and I felt compelled to share. If you woke up feeling like you were just in a daze of crazy the last week, I hope this exercise will serve you well.


1. Perfectionism
For me this is in trying to please everyone. I feel energetically spread thin and out of alignment with the choices I make to please others. So for me this highlights a focus on creating healthier boundaries going forward.

This has always been one of my life’s greatest challenges. I read a life altering book earlier this year called Co-dependent no more – by Melodie Beattie. It really changed the way I invest myself in my relationships with friends and family. If you are a chronic people pleaser like me, I can’t recommend this book more.

But from time-to-time it still rears it’s ugly head because it’s my souls nature. I hope to start a family this year and I know how many boundaries I will need to learn to put up then. So I’m thinking this moon was shining light on ‘practicing’ this.

Tip for moving forward:
No is a complete sentence. You can be an amazing friend and family member while not doing everything everyone expects of you.
This truth is hard to swallow but please take it and sit with it.  It really does change your life when you understand and practice it:
You are only as good as the lowest energy you allow into your daily life. Spend that energy wisely.


2. Discipline
Where can you add more structure to your life?
I got married last year, was a bridesmaid in two other weddings and went on a two-month honeymoon. It was magical, memorable and exhausting.

This year for me is about grounding, calming and routine. I’ve leaned over time that my true nature is to be a Queen of routine; and when I listen to that part of myself I thrive.
I had a very unsettled childhood with almost no routine at all, so sometimes I think my inner child finds comfort in chaos. However, I  am my happiest when I am in alignment with my souls desire for regular self-care.

I’ve been a little off of my day-to-day recently because I’m working on a a few new projects and feeling overcommitted to friends and family.
Let’s just say… the moon showed me! The routine Queen is officially cleaning up her act.

Tip for moving forward:
Find an attainable routine that works for you (and your family if that applies). Don’t shame yourself into how things are supposed to look. Just create a day-to-day, that makes you feel happy and in alignment. I’ll share my routine soon in a future blog post.


3. Logic:
I read an astrology report that said ‘don’t take criticism too personally’ and be open to seeing other sides. This really did materialize for me this weekend. Although my inner stubbornness is still pretty set on my point of view (which is also related to me setting boundaries and routine) – I’m trying to see loving perspectives from all angles.

Tip for moving forward:
Trying to see the point of view and emotional triggers for all parties in a negative situation is the healthiest thing you can do when dealing with conflict. It may not change your mind, but it will help you to understand and work through it with love.
(Also, when you are sleepless, logic is lacking. Keep that in mind.)


4. Purity:
I try to do this cleanse every year in the spring. Last year I did it and both the physical weight and toxins, as well as the emotional baggage that was released from my body was truly incredible.
It cracked me open in a way I can’t really put to words.

Your body is the energy field that processes each and every situation your life has ever encountered. When you stop to clean it up and clear it of old stagnant energy, you clear the way for a happier and more connected life experience.

I have been planning my social calendar around this cleanse; using my people pleasing energy trying to make sure it doesn’t take away from anyone’s birthday or special time. Then this weekend I felt drained, craving a physical clean up and a break from all the madness.
The ‘moonlight’ was really shining on my deep desire to heal both physically and emotionally, as well as honour my commitment to stay grounded this year.
I made the decision to start the cleanse a week today, and my soul feels like it’s smiling. I’m so excited to shed toxins, pain and old wounds. The motivation I feel to do this is a guidance bigger than me or any social event.


Tip for moving forward:
Cleaning up your life emotionally or physically is never easy. But try it once and I guarantee you will not regret it. We are all in need of cleansing and purifying. A clear mind and a healthy body are the vessels to creating a life of your dreams. Happiness begins with you and the way your treat yourself.
(PS – my favourite cleanse is 25% off right now with code: BHMAR17.)


Life is full of ups and downs. This was an intense week, but it ‘moon lit’ exactly where I needed to redirect and heal and I’m grateful for that. Give this reflection exercise a try and I guarantee you’ll feel the same. Thanks, Full Moon![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]