Self-Employed & In a Rut? Try this!

Shout out to my full-time or part-time self-employed boss babes that are feeling a little stuck or unclear!

Let me ask you:
Was your original goal in working for yourself to make more money and have a more flexible and fulfilling lifestyle?
Do you now find yourself feeling unclear or unmotivated, confused what your next steps should be, and comparing yourself to everyone on the internet?
You are not alone!

Overwhelm, comparison and the loneliness of entrepreneurship are silent dream killers! Especially if you aren’t doing so great financially or you feel behind in your personal life.
I promise you, there is not a self-employed person in this world that hasn’t felt these feelings.

But, did you know it’s also the best time in history to work for yourself? You can make thousands of dollars monthly from the comfort of your own home.

I do, and that was my outfit yesterday! ??‍♀️?




In all seriousness though; I’ve worked with international brands, been on major television networks, worked with charities, been a paid speaker, written for many national publications and launched over a dozen of my own companies.

However, my favourite job is always working with other women to live a whole, healthy, grounded lifestyle while achieving all of their dreams.
In my private coaching practice I’ve assisted women in starting 6-figure businesses, in landing that dream job or client, to be in the media and on TV, to launch books, blogs, to work with major brands and so much more.

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With each of these clients I work out a clear plan and system to help keep them on track to their goals in record time.
Today I’m sharing tools I have my clients use when they are stuck in a work-rut!

Here are 5 productivity tools to get you back on track:


This may seem counter-intuitive from the reason you started this journey, which was to have more free time.
But first you need time to get clear, get systems in place, build out, launch and practice staying grounded though it all!
When you over-commit yourself you aren’t making yourself a priority. You are making others the priority.
And unless those friends and family members are paying you to hang with them (unlikely!) they can see you when you’ve gotten clear, caught up and it’s within the ‘social’ time blocks you’ve allotted for yourself.


After New Years I spend a week getting really clear on what I want to see happen in my life the upcoming year. You can do this at ANY point.
Then I go through and star those items that are most important or that I need to act on right away.
Usually at first it’s a lot of annoying stuff that has been weighing on you – taxes, updating addresses, renewing licenses, etc. Get that stuff done FIRST!! This alleviates anxiety and clears your energetic pathways to allow in motivation and opportunities for things you actually want to focus on.

When I’m done the list of things that were weighing on me – I like to write down my desires and goals on a daily basis using the original goal list as a guide.
I use the MY 5 method where I write down the five most important things that need to get done that day in relation to running a successful business and brand.
Then I will add anything additional ‘To-Do’s’ that come to mind. They can have nothing to do with my work but I like to get them down on paper so I don’t have a million anxious thoughts rolling around in my head of things that need to get done.

If I get the 5 most important done, I feel great! Everything else is a bonus!
If I don’t get 5 done that day, no biggie. I just transfer whatever needs completion onto tomorrow’s list.

Mine will usually look something like this:

MY 5

  • Post Blog
  • Reply to client emails
  • Help client X with website copy
  • Confirm Speaking event
  • Write Talk for Friday


  • Get toilet paper
  • Pay phone bill
  • Order food for X’s Shower
  • Call X
  • Update Sucuri password
  • Email website team with updates
  • Figure out schedule to hang with X

Basically, it would be so easy for me to get sucked into all the mindless, simple tasks on the second ‘To Do’ list.
But MY 5 keeps me accountable every single day.


Especially in the morning this is key!
Routine keeps up grounded, calm and is proven to increase happiness.

Here is mine:

  1. As soon as I open my eyes I do my gratitude practice. Always starting by thanking my bed for a lovely sleep and for the husband sleeping beside me. I think of more 2-3 things and then I get up.
  2. I wake up early before Anthony to meditate. I might burn sage or a candle. Here are some steps you can take to start your own practice:
  3. I have a morning supplement routine also, you can read about that here:
  4. After that Anthony and I go down to the gym in our building together a few days a week. I’ve been trying to be a lot slower with my body recently. I’ll typically do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of deep stretching. Its just what feels best for my body right now. You should exercise the way that feels best for you, too.
  5. When we are back or if it’s a day we are not working out, I then sit down at my desk and write my daily MY 5/TO DO list. I transfer anything from MY 5 and any other miscellaneous tasks that did not get completed the day before.
  6. I get to it!

Yours can be a lot more simple. But we thrive on systems and routine. All of my most successful clients have the practice of a daily ritual.



There’s is enough sunshine for all of us!
Think of all the of spiritual teachers out there. Wayne Dyer, Deepak, Gabrielle Bernstein, Oprah, Eckhart (plus a hundred others!) – and, they all lead with the same message. It’s only a slightly different tone of voice and branding. Some you are drawn to, and others you can’t get in to.
This is the same for all businesses! And YOU have a unique voice and talent for your own audience. The more great energy you put out into the world, the more those that need exactly what you have to offer will show up and pay up!
Also, if you follow me regularly you know I’m a huge proponent of the fact that Instagram, blogs and any social media is only 5% of someone’s actual life. You can’t compare your whole life to someones curated 5%!
I promise you they have the same challenges, fears, and feelings that you do. Our issues may look different but deep down we are all the same.
So be you and do you. The business will come!


Unsure of the right systems to get your business on track?
Do you feel overwhelmed or unmotivated?
Are you unclear of your purpose?

These feelings can be daunting! I have a few key friends I will call when I need to get clear, talk out an idea or work through a blockage. But sometimes – they don’t have time, the right advice or it’s breaking my ‘cancel all your plans’ rule and wasting more time.

A coach can help you get clear, get on track, implement everything I’ve listed above and more! A great coach will work with you to release blockages and make miraculous shifts in your business in record time.
A great coach is paid to make the time you spend together 100% about your success.

If you feel called to learn more, I’ve just opened my private coaching practice to the public and I’m taking on new clients. You can sign up to get more information on my programs, here: I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

If my energy doesn’t feel like a fit for you, there are so many qualified coaches out there that want to see you succeed and have the tools to make that happen. I strongly encourage you adding that to your goal list!

Happy productivity, friends!