Soul Chats Podcast is Coming Soon!

I’m so thrilled to announce that my new podcast, Soul Chats, is coming soon! 

There’s nothing I love more than cozying up with my people and having the deepest chats on chats. And the more I heal myself and work at truly aligning with who I am on a soul level, the more I crave a community that can go way beyond the surface. 

When I was calling in my son, a big part of my depression wasn’t only from the miscarriages — it was also from feeling so alone, isolated and misunderstood. But what kept me going was a small handful of soul sisters (and a soulmate husband) who met me down in the depths for chats filled with love.  

Over this time I had a strong intuitive download that I was not the only one craving this kind of soul connection through conversations that were deep, spiritual, more meaningful, raw and unfiltered. I knew in my heart Soul Chats would be my next podcast. And while it took almost 2 years to come to fruition from the initial download (yes I will tell you ALL about it on the pod!) … I wholeheartedly know that now is the time. 

Each weekly ‘chat’ feels like a deep conversation with your best girlfriends featuring personal stories, triumphs, philosophies and soulful exchanges. Many episodes are solo, but when I do have guests, they are regular co-hosts from my own inner circle. So you can join in on the convo right where we left off 😉
We touch on everything from spiritual awakenings, to fertility struggles, entrepreneurship, motherhood, wellness and so much more. No topic is off limits for us to dive into together.

The Soul Chats Podcast hosted by yours truly is coming this October. I can’t wait to reconnect with you in a more expansive way than ever before by having chats on chats each and every week!