Our Viral Pregnancy Announcement Video

It’s no secret that the Instagram algorithm and general energy of that app has been a lower vibe in recent years. Personally, I’ve been very unmotivated to share my life over on IG as it feels like a place you give so much energy, for little interaction in return. And that’s okay! Life evolves, social scenes IRL and online evolve, and there is always a new and more aligned way of doing things right around the corner.

Cue our viral pregnancy announcement video! We recorded the reactions of all of our loved ones when telling them we were finally pregnant with a healthy baby after 4 years and 7 miscarriages. The reactions are the most special thing to us, I’m so beyond glad we recorded everyone. After such a long and isolating journey, to feel that much excitement from the people we love most was truly magical. I used clips of each video to make a compilation video we could show our baby one day.

I decided to post it to TikTok, a space I’m admittedly really loving, but not that versed in yet as a creator.
Well it took off and currently has over 200k views and over 12k likes and comments. We even had major television shows reach out to cover the story, it was actually pretty wild!
The love we were shown on that video completely matched the energy and intention I put into making it. What a nice feeling to connect online over such a special time in our lives. To me, that’s what social media should be. And why I’m still learning to navigate the lay of the land on TikTok, I can’t wait to show Dax one day that the excitement for him to arrive went far beyond our family and friends. It gave strangers on the internet a smile, it gave other couples who were experiencing recurrent miscarriage hope and it put tears in the eyes of many viewers, trying to conceive or not. The video is just that special.

I hope you watch it and feel the joy of some of the happiest moments of our lives as much as we did!


Watch the video on TikTok, here:


@angelamcnally Best moments of my life after 4 years and 7 miscarriages… this was truly magic. #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancyafterloss #rainbowbaby #surprise ♬ This Magic Moment – Ben E. King