The Happiest Announcement of My Life

I’m still in disbelief that I get to write these words: WE ARE HAVING A BABY! ⁣

After 4 years of struggle, loss, fear, hope and resilience — it really does make sharing this news extra sweet. And while I have literally spent the last few years dreaming of when it would finally be my turn to make a pregnancy announcement — I’m also anxious and hesitant posting this because I deeply know the pain of seeing someone else’s internet baby joy, when you so desperately want it yourself. ⁣

But after losing 7 angel babies since Mothers Day 2017 — we truly do hope our miracle can give anyone out there struggling some hope. The path to becoming a family looks different for everyone. You will get your rainbow after the storm. And as two people who almost gave up hope right before the storm came to an end, we promise to live the rest of our lives sharing our story to be expanders for others. ⁣

Needless to say we are beyond excited for our rainbow baby! I can’t stop crying. To be honest I probably never will. Sorry in advance kid! lol. ⁣
We are so grateful. And although I’m already almost half way there, we are still in disbelief that it is finally our turn. This baby is already so loved. ⁣

Thank you to every single person who sent messages of love, held space or sent hope, prayers and encouragement. Most of all thank you to everyone who believed it was possible for us, even when we couldn’t believe for ourselves anymore. I truly don’t know if we’d be here without your love. Can’t wait for you all to snuggle our little Capricorn baby this winter. ⁣



*Original post as seen on instagram