Daily Self Care Check-in List

There is a lot of potent energy in the world right now. Big, beautiful shifts are happening and this can leave many of us feeling depleted and drained.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling so incredibly grateful to be alive during this revolution. For the opportunity to unlearn and relearn. The chance to be part of the change. But, there’s also a lot of pain and sadness to witness and lots of hard moments of looking within and checking my own privilege.

This shift alongside all the eclipse and retrograde energy rolling in, I want you to make sure you are being gentle with yourselves, and one and other.

Feeling overwhelmed? 
Stop take a deep breath in, hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat until your energy shifts.

Now ask yourself these self-care questions:

1. Have I had enough water today? Am I feeling hydrated?
(If not, go get a big glass of water)

2. Am I feeling connected to my body?
(If not, stretch, walk, dance – move that energy)

3. Am I taking enough time for myself?
(If not log off-line and focus on your breath. Negative feelings? Journal them out. Better out than in, always.)

4. What are 3 things I’m grateful for in this moment?
(Focusing on the good always shifts our energy. The more you stay in the vibration of gratitude, the more you attract high vibes to your life and feel good.)


These questions can change your present moment, your whole day and your life!

Be kind to yourself.
I love you.