How to 5x Your Web Traffic with Blog Titles That Convert!

Are you a blogger who stays consistent and is still seeing little-to-no traffic?
If you are truly consistent (my #1 rule to success!), then usually the second thing to look at is your copy!

Copy that converts is incredibly important in getting people to click off the app they are currently on (Instagram, Facebook, Email, etc.) and on to your blog. You need to make them want to make the jump from where they are, to your website! The only way to do that? Entice them with a stellar copy.

You get traffic from two forms of copy:

  • YOUR PROMO CAPTION (Instagram, facebook, newsletter, etc.)


Today we are going to dig into Blog Titles, and next week in this series, I will help you dig into the wonderful world of Instagram captions! 


Blog Titles That Convert

Are you having difficulty getting your business’ blog off the ground? Do you write great content, and wonder why your traffic is struggling?

Recent studies show that while 80% of people will read headline copy, only 20% will read the rest. This is the hidden importance of great titles, and why getting them right is so vital to a successful blog.

Your Blog Must Fall into These Categories:

  1. Concise/Specific
  2. Creates Connection
  3. Solves a Problem
  4. Is Click Bait / A Story People are Curious About


Typically my blog titles are a mixture of all 4 of these categories!
Here are some examples from my own blog:

Concise/Specific:The Best Turkey Chili!

Creates Connection: My Journey – Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day

Solves a Problem: How I Make Money in my Online Biz!

Is Click Bait / A Story People are Curious About: I’m Spilling all the T! My Truth (and Tears!) are on this Podcast

So, when creating your titles be sure it first off fits in one of the above 4 categories!
Next, I’m going to give you a little reference sheet to inspire some epic and clickable blog titles.


Guide – Blog Titles That Convert

How-To Titles: How to 5x your blog traffic with one trick!

Reasons Why Titles: Reason why you need to write Killer Blog Titles

Lessons Learned: “I took The Blogger Launch Course –  Here is what I learned”

Questions: Are you making these 10 blogging mistakes?

Command: Do you want more traffic to your site? Read our how to guide today.

Numbered Lists: 5 ways to launch your blog today!

Irresistible: Why I quit my job and moved to an island


Make sense?
I’d love to see what you come up with for your next blog. Make sure to tag me @angelamcnally so I can give it a read and comment!

Happy copy-writing, friends! 


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