Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (AKA My Costume Memory Lane!)

Do you LOVE Halloween as much as I do?
Honestly, it’s my favourite holiday! I absolutely love getting dressed up and having fun. I always have!

If you know me, you know I’m the queen of dressing up. Any chance I get to sport a costume, you can count me in!
So today, I wanted to share some simple costume ideas that I’ve done over the years, that you can do easily, too.

Please don’t mind the old-school blackberry pics and terrible photography in this post! Oh, how far we have come!

There is a good number of solo, couple and group costumes here. So, something for everyone. I hope this gives you the halloween inspo you’ve been looking for.






Okay, this has to be my favourite one to date. Anthony and I dressed up as “Angela & Tony” (heheh get it?) from the 90’s sitcom Who’s The Boss! It was a huge hit and super easy to put together.




I felt so good in this costume!
The dress shape is flattering on everyone and you get to go ALL OUT with the make up and accessories. If you want to feel sexy and have fun, this was such a fun costume to wear and I had the best night.




Again, another costume I felt super great in!!
This one also was super easy to throw together! One stop at a thrift store and you should be good to go.
I put in extensions and curled and teased the CRAP out of my hair, Anthony shaved his facial hair into a serious stache, we threw on the glam and we were good to go!




I couldn’t NOT include this one. But I need to preface it by saying this was in 2016 a couple weeks before the election. It’s ALOT less funny now! But it was timely and hilarious at the time.
But Hilary is my girl forever and I would gladly dress up as this Nasty Woman again, anytime!




This was such a fun costume for our friends to do! I was Baby Spice, obvy.
I highly recommend you getting 5 of your gal pals together and rocking this. It’s fairly easy to throw together!!




The comfiest and easiest costume to throw together ever!
We made the Wayne’s world hat ourselves (I’m sure you could find it online, too!).
Always a hilarious choice and honestly one of my favs to date!




Did you love the movie Napoleon Dynamite as much as I did? My favourite animal is a LIGER, Gawd!
I was still bartending when this photo was taken and I needed a quick and easy costume for a last minute shift.
I curled my hair like a lion and wore tiger ears. Threw on this cute and easy makeup and BAM, I was liger. HAHA!
Honestly I still love this costume and if you need a costume in a hot minute – this was easy and epic! 🙂



2000’s POP ICONS

Backstreet boys, Nicole and Paris, K-Fed or Britt Britt, anyone?
These are fun in a group, in a couple costume or flying solo! Yes this is my family, yes we are crazy and yes these costumes were the best!
As you can see these are all super easy to throw together and got a lot of laughs!




My sisters ordered their costumes on Amazon (you can get a quick turn around)!
However mine was totally make shift! I had gotten home from my honeymoon the night before so I wore an apron and a pillow case on my head. LOL.




This was Anthony back in 2013!  (He is a baby!)
We got all the grey paint chips from home depot and pinned them to his shirt and then I kissed his collar with red lipstick DONE!


Be safe, have fun and if you use one of my old costume ideas, I want to see a picture!!! Tag me! @angelamcnally




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