MONEY MAGIC WEEK: How to Journal to Master Manifestation!

Today is day two of MONEY MAGIC WEEK and it’s all about learning that strong emotions (yes both positive and negative) manifest your reality!

Manifestation is simply a thought, attached to a strong feeling. That’s why worrying and stressing about money keeps people in a vicious cycle of not having enough. Don’t worry – I also think it’s part of the human experience to go through this. No shame, we’ve all been there! If you want more on this, check out yesterday’s post.

The best tool I use to redirect my emotions to more positive thoughts and feelings —JOURNALING!

Get a journal out and I want you to write out the following:

How would it feel if I had more than enough?
How would if feel if I had more than you need?
How would it feel to be in overflow with money (meaning zero balance on all credit cards and loans) with a surplus of money in savings?
How would it feel to be able to do anything I wanted because my money source was always unlimited?

Write down those feelings. Embrace the beauty, the comfort, the excitement, the sense of calm, the desire to give back. Whatever comes up, allow it.

Allow yourself to feel all the feelings you desire. Get into a high vibe state and just allow yourself to feel as though this was already your life.

Positive thoughts plus good feelings tell the Univesrse to start creating this reality for you. Let go of the how and just trust that it is your birthright to feel this good. Because, it is!

If you have lots of negative feelings come up, go back to yesterday’s full post on the blog. Journal out those fears and work on releasing panic and money anxiety though action.
If they are just fleeting negative thoughts, simply say to yourself: Thank you for telling me that. Please go ahead and feel the feelings like we already have it all.

Don’t worry about doing this wrong. You can’t eff up journalling!

You can do this often to attract absolutely anything — abundance and beyond.
💖✨ If you do this, I’d love to hear how it went and how it felt!