MONEY MAGIC WEEK: How to Heal Money Panic!

And I promise you, whatever money or career stress is eating at you — it’s blessing in disguise!

Hold up!
You’re saying my panic, anxiety about work, stress over being able to pay bills and irrational fears about money are a blessing?

I AM. Here’s why…

Let’s take the irrational (or possibly rational!) fear of not having enough to pay our bills at the end of the month. Something I’ve been through in my life, and many of my clients come to me with early in our work. It’s a normal and natural fear that I think most people will have at some point in our lives.

Stress and anxiety don’t come unless something needs to change. If we are playing small, but meant for more — our bodies know it! It manifests in panic, making up irrational scenarios in our heads and so much more.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t even need to be about not having enough money. It can be a panic about your current career, competition or not chasing after your dreams. They all do the same job of making us have a mental and physical response to an issue that feels a lot bigger than it needs to be most of the time.

When I was in my early 20’s, I had just decided to close the doors of my company at the time. It was a big, huge decision for me because it was my entire identity. But I knew in my heart it wasn’t for me anymore. Cue money/ career/ self-worth/ basically all of the panics!

I had not been very responsible with my money up until this point and I was terrified of not being able to pay my bills, what was next for me and so much more.

This particular time in my life, it WAS the worst case scenario. I ended up sub-letting my apartment, moving onto my little brothers couch for three months while rebuilding life as I knew it.

And you know what: I was completely safe, completely taken care of and it was one of the biggest learning experiences and BLESSINGS of my life!!

While this story is extreme (and hopefully makes you feel better already!) — the point is that our minds immediately go to the worst case scenario.
Asking parents or a loved one for help, staying with a friend or family for a short period of time, making a small or major career change, getting part-time work on top of our business, selling something that no longer serves us, and so on.
These seem like terrible worst case scenario’s – but in actual fact they are not life-threatening and we will always be safe and taken care of.

The point I am trying to make is, the worst case scenario, is usually not that bad. It’s just usually TERRIBLE for the ego. ha!
But in terms of your safety (which is where the panic roots from) — most of the time we are safe.

(Yes, I recognize not always and not for everyone! We need take a moment to breathe and remember: If you are lucky enough to be reading this blog from a phone or a computer, you are blessed. Not everyone is this safe, or this fortunate. That should put us into gratitude, right there!)

Now more often than not, the panics we have about money, career, or what’s next for us are smaller. More fleeting. But they still set off our flight or flight response, telling us – we are not safe. They feel huge, even if from a rational mindset, they are not.

We all experience these feelings. It’s an unbalanced root chakra. Meaning we have a wound coming up that is asking to be released around our safety. And WE CAN listen to the Universal nudges, make the changes we know deep down we need to and heal all at the same time.


Here’s how:


Meaning literally stop and get on the ground. 
Get into prayer or meditation, hold some crystals, walk outside in your bare feet.
Literally ground yourself. 
You should feel better already. 

Now repeat “I am safe, I trust myself and I love myself”

Often we are having panic come up from childhood wounds. Even if it’s subconscious. We feel unsafe, unwanted and unloved. Like we are not enough and not making enough. So we panic, stress and get anxious over money – when usually it’s much deeper than this.
We need to ground that root chakra by assuring ourselves we are safe and that we love ourselves.

Journalling is a great tool for this also. Get all the fears out of you and on to the paper. This will really help you release and get grounded. 


My biggest surprise from clients who are deep in money fear is that they don’t know their numbers! 

What are all your bills total monthly?
What are your credit card or other debt statements saying and what is your minimum payments monthly?
Do you have savings (don’t stress if you don’t!) and if so, how much?

Most of all, what is your ‘Monthly Need’ meaning the amount you need to make monthly to live comfortably! Not your dream number, but your baseline.

This is one of the first exercises I do with all my clients who come to me in money fear.
The Universe loves clarity and if our first goal is foundation, baseline and safety, we need to know that number crystal clear so we can manifest it!

Dive deep into your money, know your numbers and get clear on what your baseline needs are. Money is like a garden and it loves to be cared-for, tended to and loved in order to grow!
Abundance LOVES clarity.


So this one is my personal super power, but also the one I always have the most resistance to at first. Not because of anything else – except for ego.
Meaning that I’m a Capricorn, who is A-type and my biggest life lesson has and always been and always will be: Letting go of my own plans to let in what is of my highest good. 

So how do you do make a money plan without trying to control things? 

Seems like an oxymoron, I know. But it’s actually pretty simple. 
Ask yourself or the Universe for guidance on where change needs to be made.
Make any changes necessary.

Then set a goal schedule on how you will make your ‘Monthly Needs’ number from the getting clear step.
Will it be extra shifts at work? Selling a certain number of products or services in your business? Or making a HUGE change and finding an entirely new job or part-time shift work until you get your head above water?

On the other hand, maybe you realize you (or your household) are totally making enough. You have enough incoming for safety. Take a deep breath! What a gift. 
Now maybe your next step (see aligned action) would be around more careful spending for the time being.  A money plan! 

This does not mean this has to be your plan forever, it’s just to get out of the panic and into the state of abundance attraction. You can’t focus on lack of abundance, and attract it at the same time.



The Universe loves when you make a plan and take action. This should never feel wrong or forced, so make sure your plan feels aligned and good inside.

When I was younger, my favourite go to was to waitress and bartend to earn side cash on top of my businesses.
Then later when that no longer felt aligned, it was to use my skills (social media, event planning, etc.) for businesses as a contractor.
I used to apply for 20-30 job postings a day and offer my services as a contractor (I don’t do well in an office setting).

Now my routine to attract tens-of-thousands per month looks a lot different. It does not involve any side hustles, it’s a lot more about the next step – Letting go and trusting.

And we will get there!
But you MUST start here if you feel the panic, you need to meet it with open arms, awareness and all of self-love. 
These lessons come up in order to teach us how to up-level and let go of past wounds. 

So for now, take action that feels aligned with solving your problem/panic or pain.

Let Go & Trust

I would 100% say, this is the lesson I am in this life to learn. Time and time again, I think I have the perfect plan and am taking the most aligned action possible, and the SWOOSH, in comes the Universe with another plan that was 100% better than my own. 

Yes, I would say my resiliency and my ability to heal and follow the above steps has gotten me where I am today. 
But I also think it’s because the Universe is a forceful babe who always knows best, and knows I can handle discomfort in order to shed the place I am in, and grow again and again. The more I let go and trust, the more incredible life has become!

We can do the above steps until we are blue in the face.
And I promise, it will help.

But usually the Universe has a bigger message:

– Are you holding on to a job or lifestyle that is no longer serving you?
– Are you letting ego stand in the way of change that needs to be made?
– Are you letting fear keep you small and in the way of achieving your dreams?
– Are you being complacent when you know you are meant for more?

So ask yourself these questions, be honest, hire a Coach to help if needed.
But above all trust that the dark times always bring a brighter light!
100% of the time. The Universe is a goddess like that. 

Check back tomorrow for a whole new #moneymagicweek topic!
This week will be filled with incredible tips, tools and giveaways so make sure to check back daily on my Instagram Page and here on the blog.

For now, repeat after me:


Happy Monday!