How to Change Your Mindset to Manifesting Money Easily!

💸💚 What about if all the crazy ideas we believed about money were BULL CRAP?!

You know, the stories repeated again and again: that we won’t receive unless we work hard for it, that need to hustle for our worthiness, grind hard to get what we want.
Doesn’t that energy just feel icky?
What about instead, a mindset where we live in deep gratitude for living a life that gets to be easy?
What if abundance came simply, easily and naturally. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here’s the thing:We all have toxic stories around money. 
One of the majors is that we use money to justify ours or others worthiness. Like the more we have, the more worthy of happiness we are. But that is not the truth.
We think that money, multiple homes, millions in the bank will make us feel more significant and worthy. 
And we think we need to hustle and grind to achieve this worthiness, in order to be happy. But that is also not the truth.

Actually, when we attract and manifest from a place of force and stress, we can only receive when we are in that state.
Meaning we have to remain in hustle and grind mode FOREVER, in order to energetically attract money and our dream lives. 

I don’t know about you, but for me this is a huge NO THANK YOU!

Yes, we are all here to be of service and share our gifts with the world.
But we are also worthy of abundance ALWAYS. 
The two are not mutually exclusive.

We are worthy because WE ARE.
We are significant because WE ARE.
We are good enough because WE ARE.


We all get to receive because it’s our birthright.
We get to receive because we are living and breathing.
We get to receive, because we do.
That’s it. One person is not more worthy of living a life of their dreams than another.

I really want you to think about this mindset. It is tough to wrap your head around at first, I know. But I promise you the Universe wants life to be easy and abundant for you!
The only thing in your way, is your mindset.

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