As promised in my Honolulu Travel Diary, here is Part 2: The ‘What I Wore’ section.

Disclaimer: There is zero part of me that feels like I could ever be a fashion blogger! I love cute outfits and finding clothing that suits my body – but I’m not great at taking cute outfit pics or sharing the details. Also, spent WAY too many hours trying to find links to all these pieces online. Kudos to you fashion blogger babes – I could NOT do this full time!

However from time-to-time I will post a ‘Shop My Closet’ post. I do feel like I know how to dress the most flattering for my body type and whenever I post a mirror selfie of what I’m wearing my DM’s blow up with questions. This was especially true on my recent trip to Hawaii!
I received so many messages about my outfits that I’ve decided to share what I wore and where to get it with links.

My mirror-selfie picture quality isn’t great (sorry!), but keep reading for a description of all the pieces I included and why I love them so much.





This is my new favourite bather by far!
I actually found this bather in Winners. But once I saw the tag ‘Aerie’ I knew I had to order a bunch more in other colours. This is a size L. I probably could have gone for a medium if I wanted more of an open back look but I like the way this one fits! Super flattering and the tie back works almost like a light corset and you just feel really ‘in there’.

Sadly I wasn’t able to find this cute print online to share with you. But I found an all black (must have, I’ve already ordered!) and another print if that’s what you prefer. Also, they are SUPER cheap right now! 40% off so both are under $35.00.

Get Similar Here



Okay, I’m absolutely obsessed with these pants! I got them at the Forever 21 in Waikiki Beach. If you saw my Hawaii Recap, you would have read that this was by far the best Forever 21 I’d ever been in. I could have spent all my money in there!
I bought these pants because it actually got super breezy at night so these helped. Plus, so cute. They looked adorable with a crop top or a body suit (super high pants = super flattering).

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for these online. I FINALLY FOUND THEM! Get them quick. Mine are a size L. I also linked a similar bodysuit and crop top!

Get Similar Here



This bathing suit was my favourite purchase of the trip. Could it be any cuter? ?
I’m so happy stores started making one-piece suits high cut and without boob pads! lol. So simple but fits adorably!

Get Similar Here




So this was just a simple short and body suit and then I layered over the best trench ever. Sadly, I couldn’t find the exact link for the trench since I got this is from the year I got married. But I liked a similar one below! It’s so versatile and dresses up every outfit so much. They aren’t cheap, but so worth the investment.

I also got a ton of questions about these shoes. They are from Aldo and they are so comfortable, I love them! To be honest I bought them in a pinch and wasn’t sure about them because the clasp is velcro. But I really needed a comfy heel for a shower last year. You can’t tell at all they are velcro and OMG they are the comfiest!

Get Similar Here





Okay, so this is such a weird place to find scores but Ardene is there I got a ton of jumpers and beach covers! I usually feel guilty when I shop there because the clothing smells like chemicals and the is typically low quality and short lived. But it was affordable and had a few gems – and actually the quality was not bad! Pre-wash for sure!!

I think they have so much inventory that it’s never going to be the same in any two stores. I don’t have links for this jumper or cover up, but I would just go and take a peak in person if you are looking for some summer staples!



Happy Shopping and happier travels! (Or just warm weather… soon please!)