5 Reasons To Work With A Coach

I’ve said this before on a few of my Instagram posts, but a huge reason for my hesitation in offering my Coaching services, was simply because I really don’t love the term ‘Coach’. But the thing is, I really don’t know what else to call what I do!
Coaching  is a growing profession that finally has gained some traction and understanding. Although no two coaches are alike and every coaching style isn’t for everyone – the basics are typically the same.

The reason I love to do it is because my personality has always naturally been to be a cheerleader for people’s dreams.
It’s always been my gift – and Coaching has brought such a joy to my life.
My ‘WHY’ is to be an unwavering supporter while empower women to achieve their dreams and make miraculous shifts in their lives. In our work together my clients gain clarity and create small actionable steps to get them to their goals in record time.


Whether my style sounds right for you or not (we are not all for everyone!) –
Here are 5 reasons you should work with a coach:


Motivation & Accountability

These two words are the number one reasons I believe everyone who owns a business or works for themselves (or has the desire to do so!) should work with a Coach.
No matter how self-motivated you are, there are times you just don’t feel like doing what you know you should!
This is where a business coach can help. Your coach can keep you going with encouragement when things are rough.

I’m a stickler for accountability. In my practice I write up homework each week for my clients to make sure in our time together, what needs to get done is done! You’ve made an investment and I’m going to make sure you get everything (and more!) out of it by making your next steps clear and concise.

Speaking of investment – money is simply an energy exchange. When you invest in a great Coach – your are telling the universe ‘I’M READY!’
That factor alone is motivating enough to buckle down and get you goals accomplished. Also, I think when the universe knows your are ready, everything else falls into place. Opportunities align, motivation is constant and you are just ‘fired up!’ about what you are working on. It’s the best feeling!


OutSide Perspective

Often you just need someone to bounce your thoughts, challenges and big crazy ideas off of. A good coach will help you set action items to make them possible, while shedding some light on where issues may come up and how to work around them.

Also, if you coaching needs are more along the lines of lifestyle than business – a Coach can provide tools like meditation, energy clearing, nutrition advice and more.

TIP! Make sure you are working with someone qualified to give both lifestyle and business advice.


An Experienced Voice to Guide you

My clients are almost all in the digital marketing, influencer or self-employed space. I firmly believe it’s because I’ve been in this space for over a decade. I’m by no means calling myself an expert, but I understand the challenges and I have enough faith to stand with my clients and trust we will work it out. A coach’s job isn’t to do it for you, it’s to stand by you, support you and hold you accountable so you can.

Another bonus to my experience is that I understand the demands, the lifestyle and the issues we come up against as entrepreneurs.
Lastly, I allow others to DREAM BIG! Not everyone can hold space for dreams as big a my clients have. They are bad-ass and ready for huge shifts and they need someone to support them who believes anything is possible!

People can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves. Note that when researching your Coach.
Make sure you hire someone who understands what your business, dreams and lifestyle are all about. Someone you connect with and that makes sense for you.



Usually we entrepreneurs are dreamers. We have one million ideas floating around in our heads and no idea where to start. Am I right?!

For most people, there are very little safe places where we can share verbally about our biggest dreams and desires. Often when we share, we feel limited to the capacity of the person we are sharing with. Also, the conversations are typically not long or supportive enough to gain clarity.
A great Coach will spend the majority of your time together helping you to get clear, focusing on what’s next, where to start and what to leave for now.
My entire initial consultation is revolved around getting to know my clients. I’m trained to notice what ‘lights them up’ and where we should focus based on all the information I gather.

If you have no idea what you want but you just know you are meant for more – find a Coach that excels on helping you get clear!


A supportive friend

No, this doesn’t mean you need to be BFF’s outside of your appointment. What it means is that when you are with your coach they should be your biggest cheerleader. No idea is too big or unattainable. No challenge is met with judgement. Everything discussed in your time together confidential.
Don’t we all need a friend like that?!

A coach should be a safe place for you to explore and grow your life and business! If you don’t feel comfortable, you get bad vibes or your Coach isn’t supportive of your ideas – move on!


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