Simple & Sweet: How to Throw a Diaper Shower

Last weekend my childhood girlfriends and I threw a Diaper Shower for one of the crew, Heather, who is expecting her second baby.
I’m not sure if this is common or not, but as a group we typically do a big shower for everyone’s first baby – and then for every child after that we just do a small get-together and celebrate with just us.
We each gift a pack of diapers to help the couple out, since they are pretty pricey considering how many you need to buy! It’s an inexpensive way to contribute since typically the expectant parents already have everything they need from the first baby.

Here’s what I did to make the small gathering extra special:


Plan the Diaper gifting

There are a couple different ways to do this. Typically we will let the guests know which brand of diapers the parents-to-be prefer. Then assign everyone a diaper size. Usually there are about 10 of us, so two people assigned size 1, two people assigned to size 2… and so on. You can do whatever works for your group!

This time around the Guest-of-Honour was worried about storage. So we all contributed the price of a package of diapers (typically $25-$30) and I bought a gift card to a grocery store they choose.

Note: If you live in Canada – Lowblaws gift cards also apply to No Frills and a bunch of other places. It was a good choice so they can follow the sales!

The Decor

The baby on the way is a girl, so my home was transformed into a pink palace! I didn’t do much – but what I did do really stood out and make it look extra sweet in here.



We live in a condo downtown Toronto so we were a little limited on space. I pushed my dining room table over to the wall to create more room.
My chandelier was low hanging so I zip-tied it up so no one would hit their head and then covered it with a balloon garland. It was such a cute focal point and really added so much sweetness to the space.

You can learn how to make a balloon garland in the link I provided in my How to Throw a Tea Party Shower Blog.
I found it even easier this time. I turned on a TV show I had taped (about 1 hour) and by the end of the episode, I was done!



The pink ‘BABY’ balloon banner and the ‘SWEET BABY GIRL’ banner were both from amazon and very affordable!

Get the BABY balloon banner, here.
Get the SWEET BABY GIRL banner, here.

These added so much to the space. We added a few bunches of helium balloons and decor was done!


These add so much to the room for a baby shower. I had them in the main room, the kitchen and the bathroom!



I just designed an 8.5 x11 sign in Canva and then printed it off and used a frame from the dollar store. It added to much to the table and made the theme more noticeable for the mama-to-be. Keep reading for our (food) theme.

The Theme

Since we kept this a pretty simple afternoon gathering, the theme was pretty much just ‘BABY GIRL’!
However for the menu we did ‘Heather’s Favourite Foods’ and I prepared all of the mom-to-be’s favourite dishes.

The Food

Usually with our friends we will each bring a dish to keep it simple for the host. There have been quite a few gatherings lately and everyone was pretty burned out from this, so everyone decided to pitch in $15 and I made all the food. I love to cook so it’s not annoying for me and actually – I enjoy it more. It’s really fun to spoil all my friends! Maybe that is weird for some people, but I love it.

I think I will write a separate blog for the exact recipes I used.
But the menu was, as mentioned above ‘Heather’s Favourite Foods’.
Here is what we made:

Heather hates onions and doesn’t eat sugar. Most of our friends are gluten free. So everything was Onion, Sugar and Gluten free. LOL.

The Take Home Gift

I had a lot of fun with this one!
I got little jars from the dollar store and made a pink coconut oil shower scrub.

Here’s how to do it for your group.
Note:This is a rough recipe as you’ll adjust it to the number of guests, etc.


You’ll need:
– Organic Coconut Oil, I used this.
– White Sugar
– Beets (juice) or red food colouring
– Essential oil of your choice!

To Make:
– The scrub was 2 part coconut oil to 1 part sugar. Combine desired amount in a bowl.
– Before mixing it up I poured a little beet juice into the sugar and then mixed all together, and it gave it this gorgeous pink colour.
(note: You could also use red food colouring.)
– Then I added in drops of calming essential oil (note: I made this in bulk for 8 people – use 3-5 drops per serving and then keep adding more as needed).
– Mixed it up thoroughly, and then tested it on my hands to make sure the beets weren’t going to stain the skin (they didn’t) and that it smelled good and had enough essential oil (it did!) and that was it!
– I jarred them and put on a little handmade tag that said:
‘From Heather’s Shower to Your’s!’

You can learn how to make more of my favourite scrubs, here.

That’s it! Super simple and thoughtful way to spoil your friends that having baby number two (and beyond).
I’m totally a person who thinks the love is in the details! What a sweet way to show love and create memories.

If you use any ideas listed here – I’d love to hear about how they went. Comment below or tag me in your photos on Instagram @angelamcnally.

Happy showering, lovelies!! ☔️?


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