Last week I was nominated for Life Coach of the Year at the Notable Awards! The awards are nationwide, but are an especially big deal here in Toronto. They honour driven and passionate millennials doing amazing things in their industry. The actual awards are basically a huge party with endless food, open bar, epic music and the room is buzzing with incredible people.
Also this year the same band that played at our wedding (Dwayne Gretzky) was there! Let’s just say my feet hurt for 3 days after the event! LOL

To be honest, I never expected to win which made the night extra fun for me personally, because I had no expectations. I truly was happy to be nominated alongside so many incredible Coaches. It was an honour. Also the person who won in my category is a friend and he is beyond deserving. Truly a stand up guy making a huge difference in this world!

ANYWAY – back to the holiday glam look!
I’m self employed (along with pretty much every person I know who was there!)  – the Notable’s were truly like my work Christmas party for me!

The owner of my agency has also come out with an incredible technology that allows YOU to shop anything I share directly from my Instagram stories and blog.
So we thought this was a perfect time to test it out since I have already received dozens of DM’s asking me where everything I was wearing was from.

Also, my sister-in-law Julia DeBartolo is an incredible stylist. She is the one who put the whole look together.
My friend Nicole Grittani is an amazing makeup artist. She ROCKED this look! If you know me, I rarely wear a lot of make up so this was a super special glam moment for me. Also I want to mention that Faulhaber Communications and Charlotte Tilbury sent over all the make up for the look. HELLO SPOILED!!!
Thank you so much to both. I the type of person that needs to be shown good products and then I am addicted. It worked! I am officially a Charlotte Tilbury fan for life.
Lastly Nicole brought along Hair Stylist and Founder of @theflycollective, Nikki Flynn and we became instant friends. Not to mention she gave me the pony of the century!!

Want all the outfit, makeup and hair product details?
Click the images below!



My Outfit

Click the white circles to get the details and shop! 


My Hair & Make Up

Click the white circles to get the details and shop! 

Make up by @nickogrittaniartistry
Make up supplied by Faulhaber Communications and Charlotte Tilbury
Hair by @NikiFly of the @theflycollective and incredible hair products provided by TO112.

Thank you ladies! I felt like a total holiday princess and could totally get used to this treatment!
If you love this look and recreate it yourself – please tag us, we’d love to see!

More pictures from the Notables