This green dress that I wore to Anthony’s cousins ‘Lord of the Rings’ themed wedding was a risky purchase that totally paid off!

So many of you were asking me about where I got this, so I decided to do a full blog review on how I liked it, and link the dress for you to shop. I always do love sharing a good outfit for a good deal. You can get this dress, here.

I first saw it on Desi Perkins page. And she’s literally perfect. So I knew there was a huge chance I could order this and it be a bust. But also, I love a dress with sleeves. This dress was covering, while still being super sexy.

Online shopping can be a huge gamble. Especially when you are not the ‘typical’ body type like me. Unless you’re shopping online from a chain store you can go in person to return the item if it doesn’t work (such as Aritzia or H&M) – then there’s always the worry of fit, shipping for returns, etc.
But I loved this dress so much, I was willing to take the risk.

I decided to order a size L and I’m about 5’7″.
It was even too long for me. So length will not be an issue, and shorter girls would have to likely get it taken up. It was to the ground in 4-5″ heels.
I’ve got a funny body shape with my curves, so I can be anywhere from a M – XXL depending on the company. Often these stores are based out of Asia and so the clothing can be made very small.

Deciding to go with an L was based on 3 things:
– The Windsor Store Website gives really specific measurements per size, so I chose the one right for me.
– Desi’s was an XS and it looked big on her. So I decided my average L-XL body might fit as it looked like a true to size item.
– I knew I could alter it smaller, but not bigger.

The price is in American, plus you need to pay shipping. So the total cost of the dress on my credit card was about $120.00 CDN (instead of the $60 USD listed on the site).
Honest option – well worth the money! Quality, fit and ‘feel good’ factor all made this purchase worth it.

The dress arrived one day before the wedding (I was sweating!) and it was a perfect fit. How lucky am I?
I needed to alter the cleavage, and sew it up to my bra line. However if you were less busty I LOVE the look of a low cleavage line with no bra. So this could be ideal both ways.
I also used small stitches to sew the slits below the little built in shorts. It was a family wedding! Can’t be too revealing.

If you wan’t to purchase the dress, I highly recommend it.
Use this link to grab it!

Here is a few shots of that the dress looked like:

If you get the dress, I’d love to see photos! Happy shopping 🙂


*** Full Transparency: After this purchase I became an affiliate of The Windsor Store. If you purchase from my link, I get a commission.***