STORY TIME VIDEO: Where I Should Have Trusted My Gut Sooner

Today’s story time video is all about trusting your gut when the path has ended and where I should have trusted my own gut sooner in both work and in love.

PLUS the exercise I do now to check in with my gut and tune in to know when to redirect, change your circumstances or move on.

1. Get quiet. Meditate, breathe or sit in stillness. This will probably feel uncomfortable at first. This is normal!

2. Let your inner voice speak about what needs to change.

3. Once you are clear, ask the Universe “what will you have me do?”

4. Follow that stillness and question with journalling.

5. Make time to do this for at least 5 minutes everyday until you get some clarity.



Have you had experiences like this? Are you feeling the nudge to make a change?
Guidance on this is what I do best! I’d love to hear about it.


Thanks for watching!
See you next Story Time Tuesday ❤️