Welcome to My Blog

Thanks for stopping by to check out my new little corner of the Internet. I’m truly so happy you are here. Thank you!

Many of you have followed my writings throughout the years on my Eating Pretty blog or other web-based companies I have been lucky enough to share my thoughts, experiences and expertise in wellness and nutrition with through my writings.

These days it feels like I can’t go 24 hours without someone popping into my inbox to ask “What are you up to these days?”
And while my elevator pitch is not as solid as it was back when I was running an international online women’s nutrition company – I can say this:
I partner with individuals and businesses to help them add wellness into their marketing practices, work environments, business plans or lives. 
(If you want to know more you can read, here.)

The reason I bring this up is because it directly links to the reason I decided to launch my own personal blog.
You see, I love to write. But for some reason I only do it these days when I am being paid to do so. And this is something that has been eating at me for sometime. Not only because of my deep personal need to create and express myself – but also because of a trend I see in online marketing. The never ending Facebook ads promoting the latest and greatest                       . (Insert every online-based profession that ever existed, here.)

It’s overwhelming and easy to feel like you don’t have a place online if you aren’t pitching the your own shiny online product or bonafide formula to help (everyone) monetize (everything).
And so goes the story that I only write, blog or article when I am getting paid to do so. Almost always on what the client wants me to say. And, although I am forever grateful for that sector of my business, I have more to say.

I love storytelling from my own authentic voice.
Those are always my blogs that get the highest emotional response. And that is what for me personally gives me the biggest high and the most satisfaction.
So, I am going to do more of that.

More real life experiences.
More vulnerability.
More relatable stories.
More being who I truly am, in hopes it makes you feel okay doing the same.

And, I plan to feature the stories of women just like you who are ready to do the same.

Think of this blog as a collection of vulnerable and real stories. Because in your toughest, bravest, scariest, and most personal moments – it’s comforting to hear someone else has been through it, too. A place to shed light and to share stories about pain and victories over life’s darknesses – but also wonderful and beautiful times, too.

Keep checking back and make sure to join my mailing list so you don’t miss out on the journey.

Thank you again for coming by.