Winter Solstice Ritual + My Life One Year Later

Happy Winter Solstice, Friends!

I actually wrote the below blog last year. One of my favourite reasons for being a blogger is looking back at where I was when I wrote something and seeing how far I’ve come.

To be honest, last December, I was in a pretty dark place when I wrote this. I had just had my third miscarriage, I had many draining relationships in my life and little did I know, things were about to get a lot worse before they took a turn for the better. When looking back on this, I can see that I intuitively knew I needed to release the toxic people and situations in my life in order to grow.

I would say for me early 2018 was all about shedding what no longer served me, and laying the foundation for my next level of life. And the second half of 2018 was a wild, beautiful, abundant ride that made all the pain, growth and self-work make sense.
Which as I type this is pretty mind blowing!
Winter/Dark Season – to shed, to release, to plant seeds, to hibernate, to care for self.
Summer/ Light Season – to grow, to thrive, to attract abundance, to share your gifts, to shine.

Today, I happened to look back at my Summer Solstice intentions.
I usually burn them, I didn’t this this summer for some reason — and now I know why.
The Universe wanted me to look back.

Holy cow you guys. Every single thing came to fruition!!
But not only that, they did NOT happen in the way I had planned at all, but it was better!

Rituals, manifesting and self-care may seem menial and silly to some. But to me, you miss out on all life’s magic if you aren’t paying attention, going after what your soul desires and actively loving yourself above all.

Enjoy the blog and let me know if you do the ritual.
No matter what stage or needed growth there has been in my life – it brings magic to me every year, twice a year (Winter and Summer Solstice) and I know it will for you, too!

Lots of love,


Winter Solstice Rituals

December 21, 2017

Today is winter solstice. The darkest day of the year, meaning the shortest amount of daylight from dusk until dawn.
Many use this “longest night” to focus on the power of darkness.
Not the negative image of darkness – but the dark, fertile, deep part in each of us where our intuitive and creative forces are born from.

I believe in the power of the darkness bringing us to the light so deeply.
This year was a tough one for me, but it was also one of my most healing, growing and creative.
There are always blessings in the darkness. But only for those willing to dig in learn this. For me, it took many years to fully understand this.

Winter Solstice is a time for owning your shadow. Think of it as the best time to transform any negative energy or pain in your life, into the energy of creation.
Essentially you want to look at and learn from what you are ready to release, and then let it go. This can be a bad habit, toxic relationship or anything that drains you.
The clearing of this negative energy with your new found wisdom of learning from it – will create a fertile ground for 2018 manifesting, goals, dreams and desires! YES PLEASE.

Like all growth in life – we must accept and know our darkness before we can fully know our light. The only way to do that is to slow down, reflect and allow yourself to learn from and heal.
And trust me, I know it’s easier said than done this time of year!
If today doesn’t work for you – the powerful energy of this day will last until the New Year. So just find a day (or hour!) that works for you to be slow with yourself, reflect on 2017 and welcome 2018.


Here are a few things I am doing today to celebrate Winter Solstice and release what is no longer serving me:


I’m cleaning out my closets, cupboards and drawers.

You know all those little nooks in your home that you throw junk into and then close the doors when company comes over? We all have them.
What you likely don’t know is how much stagnant energy those places hold. It’s clutter even if it’s hidden. Exactly like the dark parts within you that need to be released like a bad habit, thought pattern, or toxic relationship. Usually our physical space is a reflection of our internal space.
So I’m organizing those junk drawers and messy cupboards and welcoming a cleansed space to reflect what I hope to release from my life, too!

I’m being slow and eating high vibe foods as much as I can.

When I’m home and not committed to a holiday outing, I’m making sure to eat healthy and high energy foods, drink so much water and be really kind and slow with myself. While I know this isn’t always possible this time of year – I just try to be mindful.
If you wake up drained try making a whole foods smoothie and taking a few moments to breathe, meditate and be grateful in the morning. My girlfriend Lauren and I have been texting each other all week “Slow and Veggies :)” – as a cute reminder to be kind to ourselves when possible. It helps, I promise!

Lastly, today I’m doing this ritual:

1. I like to light candles, turn on my diffuser or incense and set the tone in a quiet room.

2. Get a blank sheet of paper and pen.

3. Get quiet. Take 10 deep breaths at minimum.

4. Title the page “I Have Released” (*present tense instead of future is best for manifesting. Accept it is your now.).

5. Let your inner guide do the writing. Some will be at the top of your mind; things that are your biggest source of suffering like weight, poverty thinking, a relationship that is causing you pain, etc. – other things may surprise you when coming up. Just go with it.

6. When you feel complete, read it over once more to yourself. Start everyline with “I Have Released” followed by each statement you’ve written down. Saying it aloud would be best, but in your mind is great, too.

7. Bless it and get rid of it. Seriously! I usually burn mine – or if that makes you nervous, flush it or throw it away.
The idea is to hand over what you choose to let go of. Trust in the universe and your ability to release all you need to let go of.
If you held on to the paper and stared at it everyday, you’d be feeding obsessive energy into what no longer serves you and creating more of what you don’t want. So, LET IT GO! Literally and figuratively.

8. At this point I like to repeat the process to call into my life what I would like to manifest. Title the page “I Am”.  Or I used, “I’ve Welcomed and I Am” or even “Thank you for” — Again, present tense is best.

9. Now repeat all steps, including getting rid of the paper at the end. You want to hand over the intentions and not stay fixated on ‘what hasn’t manifested yet’. Just let go and trust!
The only step I would add here is saying: I call in this or something better to my life. Say this right before burning or getting rid of the sheet of paper. This let’s the universe know you are open to it surpassing your wildest dreams.

That’s it. I bet you will feel a great sense of calm that you likely haven’t felt in a while.
If you do, I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Winter Solstice, friends!