What’s Up With The Planets & How to Work With The Energy!

Adapted from as soon on @angelamcnally – Now includes Eclipse Ritual!



Anyone else feeling the intense energy of the Universe right now?
You aren’t alone.

Yesterday I was so drained I could barely keep my eyes open, one of my best friends is sick, the other is injured. What is that forcing each of us into?
Hard for so many, I know. But if you keep reading it’s all for a reason. 



Here is what’s currently up with the planets:

Mercury is officially in Retrograde

(July 25 – August 19)
This Retrograde in particular is asking us to go back to old projects or dreams and revisit and reflect on how we can do it right this time. (I love this!). This retrograde is also asking us to stop, be aware and methodical about the direction our soul is guiding us. For those of us that are typically on tornado speed, this is a blessing. The Universe wants it done right this time! So slowing down makes sense, and I’m grateful for the perspective.

Mercury also might bring up ghosts from your past such as old people, memories and ideas. For me: I’ve been having intense childhood memories this past week!

Anyone else?

Lunar Eclipse Today!

(Friday, July 27)
This Blood Moon Total Eclipse is going to be the longest this century and most potent.
Again a very slow, reflective energy.

@foreverconscious says:
“Opportunities like this come as a gift to remind us, to activate us, and to awaken us to what path we need to be on, and where we need to make some changes.

This Aquarius Eclipse is going to push us. It is going to take from us. It is going to penetrate us right where it hurts, so we can clear, release, and find our freedom again.” 

In my case this sounds about right!
Anyone else?

My best advice:
Trust the universe, go with the flow, don’t force anything and for all negative emotions that come up towards another — you need to look within.

Also, go ahead and try my Eclipse Ritual. This lunar Ecplise is closely tied to the Solar Eclipse we had last August. Set intentions and bask in the energy. This Lunar Eclipse is a portal to shift into your highest good, make sure to be clear with the Universe that you are ready!
You can for the ritual, here – in this blog.

The planets are setting us up for a beautiful new chapter and when I gathered this info, I felt so much better and was able to accept a day of rest.

Comment below if this information served you as well as it did me!