Post Eclipse Ritual: Welcoming Your Best Life

The solar eclipse has come and gone and you will likely already feel a bit calmer, less ignited or agitated and thinking a lot more clearly. A huge shift in energy is asking you to release what is no longer serving you and to welcome the new!

So many of you reached out to me after my Instagram post (seen here) about the shifts happening in the universe and how intensely it’s making us all feel and reflect right now. I hope the passing of yesterday’s eclipse has provided some relief for you. Think of it as the light passing through the darkness in our lives being the exact same as the sun passing the moon. We are all connected to the universe so much more than we typically realize.
It’s always darkest before we see the light. Our inner lights are ready to leave the darkness that we hold onto behind – just like the eclipse!
So if last week was intense for you, now is the time to listen and welcome the new.

This eclipse asked us to welcome our deepest desires and allow them in happily instead of meeting them with our usual darkness, self-doubt and self-induced blockages.
Allow yourself to release your most deeply embedded ‘I cant’s’ into: I ABSOLUTELY CAN!
The beautiful universe is here to support you.

I’ve read a bunch of rituals you can do to welcome this potent energetic shift with the new moon, eclipse and retrograde all happening at once. The one I’ve listed below feels the best to me.
I plan to find some quiet time today to honour myself and welcome all my I CAN’s by doing this ritual.
The energy is this strong between now and September 5th, so you can do this anytime between now and then if you’d like to as well.

1. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for in your life. This raises your vibration and gets you in the energy field of being ready and willing to accept more.

2. Next write 5 things you want to do in this life. Don’t let any limiting beliefs hold you back. The sky is really the limit. Dream big!

3. Then write 3 affirmations to support your growth towards these goals. I am… (fill in with anything that suits you). A good example would be if you typically have a limiting belief that you will always be unhappy in your body, unhealthy and overweight and your goal was to achieve feeling healthy and comfortable in your own skin and to remain there – a great affirmation would be:
I am healthy, I love my body, I’m at the perfect weight.

4. Say “I am open and willing to receive” and then read both your goals and affirmations allowed.

5. Sit quietly for a few moments and hold space and energy to feel as if those things are already your reality.

That’s it!
Also, I would also try to stay in love and find beauty all around you all day. Look for it and appreciate its presence wherever it shows up for you.
Should be a bit easier with the intense energy of last week passing. Be present and welcome the limitless possibilities. I am too!