MONEY MAGIC WEEK: How To Release Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back!

I’ve left this paradise and I’m back in the city. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I am feeling a bit sad to be home! There is just something so magical about being creative with zero distractions in nature.

I had a lot of time to think about #moneymagicweek while alone at the cottage. It was blowing my mind to see over a thousand of you were eager and ready to put your manifestation skills to work with my magic cheques! (THANKS GUYS!)
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Anyway, this won’t be the last of Money Magic from me! I have something very exciting coming for you oh-so-soon. Read to the bottom to learn more.

On the way home I was excitedly telling my husband about all my ideas and how lit up I felt sharing this because of how incredibly everyone responded.
We started talking about the incredible things we have manifested in our lives — but also what hasn’t come to fruition for us yet.

Here’s the thing: we can consciously really want something, but subconsciously have a part of us that is holding us back from getting it.
So if you are trying to manifest something, and you’ve followed the steps, and felt the feelings and it’s not coming to life for you – I want you to ask yourself this:

“Why don’t I actually want what I’m asking for?”

In the case of finances we have SO MANY deep rooted subconscious beliefs that we don’t event realize. Maybe if you manifest your goal, you’re worried you’ll be making more than your parents or partner, and that feels wrong. Maybe you have deep seeded beliefs that rich people are bad and money is wrong. Maybe you believe you aren’t worthy of being wealthy. Money beliefs go on and on!

Personally —  I have had many of these obstacles to work through in my own finances. One particular was an old and very toxic friendship that made me feel badly every time I excelled in life. It felt unsafe to be great for many years. Once I cut that out, things have really exploded for me.

The point is, we really hold ourselves back in crazy ways that we don’t realize, and I think it’s a huge part of the manifestation (and personal growth!) process to dig in and do some releasing. If you tune in to your gut, it always knows!

The biggest one I had a realization about this week during quiet week alone time at the cottage was around motherhood. Anthony and I have been manifesting a family almost two years now, and if you follow me closely, you know we’ve had some pretty traumatic experiences along the way.
While this might not seem related to money and abundance from an obvious standpoint — I came to the realization this week while digging into my own money magic, that it really is!!

You see, my mother chose to be a stay at home mom, so did my husbands mother, as well as many of my friends who have children.
Now, consciously I know that there is 100% NOTHING wrong with this choice. Who knows how I will feel once I’m a mother. No one can predict this until they are!
But at this point in my life I have really big dreams. Ones I truly can’t imagine living out.

So when I asked myself the question “Why don’t you want to be a mother yet? It hasn’t happened because some part of you does not want it. Why?”

What came up for me blew my mind. I think deep down on a very subconscious level, I believed I couldn’t have both my dreams and my family. That I would need to choose. That motherhood would be so hard and draining and difficult that I wouldn’t be able to do both.

If I want to be a stay at home mom – incredible!
If I want to stay at home part-time and chase my dreams part-time – good for me!
If I want a full-time live in Nanny because my career is on fire – Yah girl!

There is no right answer on how we live our lives. Only the best answer for us, personally.

I needed to fully realize my sub-conscious belief so I could realize how crazy and self limiting it was, and then let that shit go for GOOD!
I’ve spent much of the week healing around this belief.
The same I did when I realized my belief that rich people will eventually lose it all.
The same I did when I realized my belief that it would be wrong to make more than my parents or husband.

These ideas are crazy, but they are deep within us.
We can’t heal unless we pay attention, meet them with love and release them.

So if you wanted to make $X amount this month and did not make it, I want you to ask yourself:

“What limiting belief do I need to heal? What part of me doesn’t actually want to make that money? Why?”

Journal, breathe, be so kind to yourself and allow those feeling to fully release.
Then, start a new story!

“I make my dream salary because I want to be able to give back to those I love”
“When good people make good money they do incredible things with it”
“I am worthy of abundance because it’s my birthright”
“I will be responsible with my money. I will not lose it all. I will equally save and spend because I will be able to!”

And so on!

Do you have a self-limiting belief around finances you’d love to work through?
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This concludes money magic week! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did sharing it!
If so, I’d love to hear about in the comments or over on Instagram. 🙂


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