Supermoon Manifestation

As you likely already know, tonight is the supermoon. It’s the closest the moon has been to the earth in 68 years. Astrologers also believe this is the most powerful night of the year to release what no longer serves you.
(Note: The supermoon energy is potent all week, so if you don’t have time tonight – find time this week.)

For many years I’ve been very called to explore astrology and the phases our universe goes through. It was always amazing to see how in sync the teachings were with what was going on in my life at each moment.
As I learned, I also began to manifest with the fall and summer equinox, new moons and any other time I felt called to do so by the current phase in our universal cycle.
Honestly these practices have been such powerful tools in setting and realizing my desires. But also learning to not get attached to the outcome, and trust what I call into my life will manifest as ‘this or something better‘.


Tonight, I challenge you to choose to let go of what no longer serves you and hand it over to the powers of the supermoon.

This has been a very eruptive year for many. Outside circumstances, relationships and projects have likely been a source of pain for you. Often it’s been more of an outside pain, such as staying stuck in a situation that no longer serves you.

For me this is almost always personal relationships. I have such a hard time letting go of or distancing myself from anyone, even if their energy is taking from my soul cup instead of filling it.

I also think I’ve held back creatively, hiding behind well paying clients (because money is awesome and that is the easier choice) — instead of creating what I’m meant to put out into this world.

Do you relate to what I am saying?
Do you feel there are ways you’ve been holding yourself back?
Or maybe there is a relationship, job or other circumstance that you are giving your energy to?

Remember: Life and everything you create is just energy and it flows where your attention goes.

Here is my ritual to let go of what no longer serves you:

  1. I like to light candles, turn on my diffuser or incense and set the tone in a quiet room. Roll out a yoga mat, sprinkle it with crystals if you have any. But really – whatever feels right for you and what you’re capable of in this moment, is exactly what you should do. If that means sitting at the kitchen table with your kids running around: do that.
  2. Get a blank sheet of paper and pen.
  3. Get quiet. Take 10 deep breaths at minimum.
  4. Title the page “I Have Released” (*present tense instead of future is best for manifesting). 
  5. Let your inner voice do the writing. Some will be at the top of your mind; things that are your biggest source of suffering like weight, poverty thinking, a relationship that is causing you pain, etc.
    Others will surprise you what comes up! Just go with it.
  6. When you feel complete, read it over once more to yourself. Start every word with “I Have Released” followed by each statement you’ve written down. Saying it aloud would be best, but in your mind is great, too.
  7. Bless it and get rid of it. Seriously!
    I usually burn mine – or if that makes you nervous, flush it or throw it away.
    The idea is to hand over what you choose to let go of. Trust that the releasing will manifest your ability to release.If you held on to the paper and stared at it everyday, you’d be feeding obsessive energy into what no longer serves you.
    So, LET IT GO! Literally and figuratively.
  8. Now you will repeat the process, but this time writing a list of all you want to call into your life!!
    Title the page “I Have Welcomed” or “I Am”. Make sure all you write in in present tense, as if it already is.
    And repeat all steps above, including getting rid of the paper at the end.
    You want to hand over the intentions and not stay fixated on ‘what hasn’t manifested yet’.
    Just let go and trust.
    The only step I would add here is saying: I call in this or something better to my life.
    Say this right before burning or getting rid of the sheet of paper. This let’s the universe know you are open to it surpassing your wildest dreams.

That’s it. I bet you will feel a great sense of calm that you likely haven’t felt in a while. If you do, I’d love to hear about it 🙂
Happy manifesting, Moon lovers!